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There is nothing like the feeling of soft water that makes your skin feel smooth and refreshed. Forget the hassles of purchasing and implementing chlorine into your swimming pool time after time. A pool salt system is the right choice for many pool owners and Aqua-Pool-Warehouse has all the answers and the right products. Salt water pools feel great to the skin, are hassle free and do not leave a distasteful smell lingering on your swimwear and your body. Swimming in a mild saline solution is much like swimming in soft water and many feel the water is more refreshing because of it. Chlorine generators have no chlorine odors, low operating costs and are virtually maintenance free. They even pay for themselves with the savings you will make from purchasing and handling messy chemicals year round.

Pool Salt System

Chlorine Generator

A Chlorine generator produces chlorine to sanitize the swimming pool water constantly (when the pump is operating) and thus preventing algae and other unwanted growth from the swimming pool. Highly effective as long as proper pH and other water conditions are maintained.




Salt Water
People usually think of sea or ocean water when they hear of salt water. Ocean water has a salt content of approximately 35,000 parts per million ("ppm") while most chlorinators will require a salt content that ranges from 2500 to 6000 ppm to operate effectively. Since the human salt taste threshold is around 3,500 ppm, a salt chlorinator that operates efficiently under that threshold is desirable. Generally people find swimming in a mildly saline water very comforting. The mild salinity gives the pool water a soft touch and not quick to dry upon exiting the pool water like regular chlorinated pool water. People feel more refreshed and there is no chlorine smell from your body or swimwear and no irritation by the chlorine.

Chlorine Generators
A chlorine generator's main function is to produce chlorine for the swimming pool so that you no longer have to have the hassle of purchasing, handling or storing traditional pool chlorine. They produce chlorine constantly when the pump is running and this will keep a residual chlorine content that will prevent algae or other undesirable growth to take place as well as sanitize the water for the pool user. It is important to note that the user keep the cell free of calcium and mineral deposits to make the chlorine effectively and efficiently.

When water passes over the chlorine generator cell, electrolysis transforms the water into Hypochlorous acid. This is the end result of any chlorine application to the pool water, be it Liquid chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite, Tri-chlor, Di-chlor or Lithium based, Cal-Hypo or even gas chlorine. They all make Hypochlorous acid in the end which is the active sanitizer that kills algae and other harmful stuff in the water. Maintenance of proper pool chemistry such as your pH levels is important for the proper functioning of your chlorine generator. For most owners, a chlorine generator is a great investment for their swimming pool.

Types of Chlorine Generators
There are mainly two types most used. The first is a brine unit which does not require the pool to have salt added to it. Salt is usually contained in a tank with the pool equipment area and chlorine is produced through electrolysis. These are not in common use any more since they tend to be messier and produce harsh by-products. The other type of unit far more commonly used requires salt to be added to the swimming pool. Now the chlorine producing cell must remain free of mineral deposits or chlorinators will not work properly. There are reverse polarity units causing mineral deposits to flake off and get caught in the filtration system.

In the end, we can tell you that Chlorine Generators can really help cut down the hassles of maintaining the proper sanitization of a swimming pool as well as some other benefits. Salt water properly maintained will have almost no waterline scum build-up. It creates a better, healthier swimming experience for most people. The water feels luxurious, soft and clingy to the skin with no harsh chemical odors. Chlorine residual will always be present in the pool eliminating algae. This will also cut out red burning eyes from chloramines. Overall Chlorine Generators are a great ingredient for a low maintenance pool.

Aqua-Pool-Warehouse has it all. We have the experts, the products, the experience and all the solutions you can possibly need for any of you swimming pool chlorine generator needs. Our principals have been in the pool business for over 45 years and we can help with any of your questions. You are just a click away from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

If you have questions about Chlorine Generator or Alternative Sanitizer selection please contact us either by calling our experts toll free or using our email system for our quick and efficient solutions.



Home Swimming Pool Supplies Salt Chlorinator


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