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Pentair Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner

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KREEPY KRAULY provides optimum cleaning performance, simplicity, and convenience. It features a turbo-action swivel design and a super-efficient regulator valve for more cleaning power. Kreepy Krauly also features an exclusive starfish seal* for use in concrete pools and is also available with a universal seal for all in ground pools. Kreepy Krauly is absolutely, positively, the best automatic in ground pool cleaner you can buy!

  • Turbo action swivel design and regulator valve for more vacuuming and cleaning power
  • Larger intake for even better leaf and debris vacuuming
  • Regulator valve automatically adjusts water flow to control cleaner's speed
  • It's proven. Our patented design and rugged construction have been put to the test in more than 1.5 million pools worldwide.
  • It's reliable. With only one operational moving part, the Flapper, Kreepy Krauly is designed for a long, dependable life.
  • It's automatic. Kreepy Krauly works when your pool pump works when your pool pump works, using your pool's existing filtration system.
  • It's simple. No need for booster pumps, no bags or compartments to empty, wheels or gears to jam, or diaphragms to replace.
  • It's thorough, Kreepy Krauly vacuums and cleans your entire pool from tile line to pool floor. True random pattern coverage helps eliminate missed spots.
  • If you ever have a question about your Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaner, just contact our toll-free customer helpline for assistance. Our technical service experts are ready to help. Available in U.S. and Canada only.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Owner's Manual
  • Includes 40 feet of hose
  • $50.00 Rebate from Pentair. Price shown below is before mail in Rebate. This offer is valid only on purchases made from April 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013.

Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
K70405 Kreepy Krauly Ingrnd Clnr Vinyl/Fiberglass/Ti Pool FREE $434.99 $289.99 $145.00

OPTIONAL ITEMS : Additional Accessories that can accompany the above products.
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
W26705 Leaf Catcher FREE $80.93 $53.95 $26.98


Will KREEPY KRAULY clean my entire pool?

Kreepy Krauly cleans the walls and floor of an in ground pool, automatically. While Kreepy Krauly will clean most of your pool, you will need to occasionally brush hard-to-clean areas such as swim-outs or steps.

How does KREEPY KRAULY work?

The way that Kreepy Krauly works is the key to its reliable, trouble-free operation. With just one operational moving part, it converts the water flow generated by your pool's pump into kinetic energy. Here's how: the water flow first moves the flapper (the only operational moving part) to the top position, causing one drive tube to close. Water is drawn in through the open drive tube, which causes the flapper to move to the bottom position. This repetitive process creates the motion which propels the cleaner around the pool.

Will KREEPY KRAULY pick up leaves?

Kreepy Krauly will vacuum away dirt, small leaves, bugs - just about anything that may fall into your pool - and deposit them in your filter for easy disposal.

Will KREEPY KRAULY get rid of algae in my pool?

No. A pool cleaner does not kill the algae; pool chemicals do. Kreepy Krauly will clean the dead algae along with other loose debris.

Will my skimmer still skim with the cleaner attached?

Included with Kreepy Krauly is our automatic regulating valve, a device that controls flow and allows simultaneous skimming and vacuuming. Because Kreepy Krauly uses only 25 gallons per minute (14 GPM on 94-99 aqua color model) to operate, the average pool system (which operates at 50 - 75 gallons per minute) will have more than adequate skimming action.

Do I have to run my pump longer with KREEPY KRAULY?

No. You don't have to run your pump any longer with Kreepy Krauly than without it.

Do I have to take KREEPY KRAULY out when swimming?

Kreepy Krauly is perfectly safe to swim with. If you prefer, Kreepy Krauly can easily be disconnected and pulled to one side of the pool or removed from the pool if you choose. Just be sure not to coil the hose on your pool deck when doing this. The hose can become bent or kinked which can hinder the cleaning coverage.

Will KREEPY KRAULY work in a vinyl-lined pool?

Yes. Kreepy Krauly works in concrete, fiberglass, tile- and vinyl-lined pools. Kreepy Krauly is easy on your vinyl liner, with only the soft foot pad and seal in contact with your liner. However, some vinyl-lined pools have deteriorated liners due to pool water chemistry, sunlight, and other factors. Naturally, Kreepy Krauly can't be responsible for deteriorated vinyl liners. You may want to have a pool professional check your liner prior to installation.

Where does KREEPY KRAULY hook into my pool?

Kreepy Krauly can be connected to the skimmer or a dedicated suction line. No extra pumps or special equipment are needed, because Kreepy Krauly works with your pool's existing filtration system.

How do I install KREEPY KRAULY?

Most pool owners find it easy to install Kreepy Krauly. You won't even need any tools, because everything simply snaps together. Packaged with your Kreepy Krauly is a video explaining installation, plus an Installation and Operation Manual. Please review both before installing Kreepy Krauly. For a standard installation, you'll easily be finished in 15 minutes or less.

Can I use my own vacuum hose?

The hose plays a very important role in the performance of the cleaner. We recommend using genuine Kreepy Krauly hose only. Why? Because Kreepy Krauly's hose is designed to provide the mobility needed to ensure proper cleaning performance. The use of a non-Kreepy Krauly hose will hinder Kreepy Krauly's performance and will void the warranty.

Will KREEPY KRAULY work under my solar cover?

Yes. However, the hose needs to float freely in order to clean the entire pool.

How long is my KREEPY KRAULY warranty?

Kreepy Krauly's 2-year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship starts at the date of purchase. It also includes 20 years on the one operational moving part, the flapper, and 2 years on defects in materials and workmanship which affects the operation of the hose.

What is the warranty coverage on parts that are replaced under warranty?

Parts replaced under warranty are warranted for the amount of time remaining from the date of purchase of the original product and not from the date of replacement. After the original warranty expires, all parts purchased thereafter are warranted for one year from the date of purchase.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Simply contact your local dealer or call 1-800-443-5711 for the location of the dealer nearest you. Bring your proof of purchase (sales receipt or Owner's Card) to verify that your cleaner is under warranty. The dealer will replace the defective part for you. Any labor costs incurred for the repair or replacement of warranted parts are your responsibility.

What do I do if my local dealer does not have the part that I need?

No problem - just ask the dealer to "special order" the part from their distributor or call 1-800-443-5711 and one of our technical service representatives will help you.

Why should I buy a KREEPY KRAULY instead of another brand?

When you buy an automatic pool cleaner, you want a cleaner that will work -- and keep on working. We know of no other cleaner that is as effective and reliable as a KREEPY KRAULY. But don't take our word for it. Over one and a half million pool owners worldwide have chosen Kreepy Krauly as the most reliable, most effective cleaner for their pool.

Where do I find the serial number on KREEPY KRAULY?

Look for a sticker on the back of the main body to find the serial number. This sticker is specially designed to withstand pool chemistry - do not remove it.



Home Swimming Pool Supplies Automatic Cleaners InGround Pool Cleaners Kreepy Krauly


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