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Outdoor Pool Shower

Aqua-Pool-Warehouse brings to you a beautiful collection of outdoor showers for various convenient uses. Use our showers as pool showers before and after entry to your swimming pool; wash away harsh chemical residue and feel refreshed. Use our outdoor shower after a fun game of sand volleyball or after a relaxing time at the beach. Absolutely great way to give your pet a wash without the mess inside your house. These sturdy outdoor showers have been built for both commercial and residential use. Outstanding design and use of high quality components along with precise industry leading manufacturing, makes sure these outdoor showers are built for beauty which will last for years under rough weather conditions while complimenting any residential or commercial pool setting. Demand for outdoor pool showers are now a national health issue and our products will let you rest at ease with ADA compliant outdoor showers with high durability and great workmanship at some of the best prices in the industry. If you need any assistance, our trained professionals are always just a click or call away.

Outdoor Showers

Wall Mounted Outdoor Shower

The Pool Shower consists of type 304 stainless steel construction that is rust-proof and resistant to harsh environments. Four mounting brackets are welded to the body of the wall mounted units for easy installation and stability.




Free Standing Outdoor Shower

This is a top-of-the-line free-standing swimming pool shower. It has the ability to allow for hot and cold water input. It also has a Deluxe version where you can add different convenient options.




Hot & Cold Outdoor Shower

These are high quality wall-mounted swimming pool showers with the ability to allow for hot and cold water input. Deluxe versions are available where you can add different convenient options.




Designer Series Outdoor Shower

Pool showers are great; but why not install a shower with a touch of beauty and design. The Designer Series Pool showers are elegant and beautiful. Add a touch of class to the functionality of your Pool Shower.




Solar Shower

Enjoy the convenience of a warm, refreshing Solar shower outdoors. Protect the environment and your long term heating costs at the same time! Check out our top of the line solar showers.



Free Standing Foot Outdoor Shower

The Foot Shower offers you the convenience of washing your feet before you make a mess in your house. Whether you live on the beach, or any where there is mud and dirt, this product will help you in keeping your house clean and dirt-free.




Pet Shower

The great way to get your pets cleaned up!! This is an innovative shower to keep you house clean. Don't let your pets bring the dirt into your house. The Pet shower from Aqua-Pool-Warehouse is your solution to keeping your house clean and preventing extra impurities from entering your pool or home.



Outdoor Shower Accessories

Commonly used accessories as well as replacement parts for outdoor showers.




Outdoor Shower
Outdoor showers are an efficient and versatile way to maintain proper hygiene and keep cleanliness in your outdoor pool area. Use your outdoor showers to cool off, clean pets or use as a convenient way to clean and remove harsh chemicals, sweat, sand and dirt before entering your swimming pool or when you are coming off from your pool or spa.

Our outdoor showers are built to be used for either commercial or residential applications and will equally be useful for beaches, public pools and water parks as well as outdoor patio areas, gardens and swimming pools.  There is a national health issue with many documented cases of bacterial infections at public pools and water parks throughout the world. An outdoor shower is a much needed item for pool areas in order to keep our loved ones safe and healthy. Besides washing away bacteria, one can also remove lotions, lint, dirt, sand, or other debris which helps keep pool water and hot tubs cleaner and easier to maintain.

Built of high quality materials with precision craftsmanship, these outdoor showers will last for years to come adding beauty as well as utility to your pool investment or outdoor activities. We offer a variety of options when you choose your outdoor shower. Our single valve units can be installed with a compact water heater or mixing valve which has hot and cold water lines that mix within the valve to produce warm water. This allows one to have water at a desired temperature and provides the option of having the water at a constant temperature and reduce the risk of scalding. We can customize a shower by adding or removing accessories as needed, or changing the features such as the style of the shower head. We do custom build showers, and have designed models with additional shower heads, spray hoses, and various features when requested. Connections are standard " NPT, making them compliant with other plumbing accessories. One can also add or remove accessories to our shower units.

These outdoor showers are appropriate for both commercial and residential applications. If you need any assistance whatsoever, please send us an email or call us toll free 1-877-891-7665 and one of our trained representatives will be happy to help.




Home Swimming Pool Supplies Outdoor Shower



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