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CAT 4000 Automatic Chemical Controller

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If water is your business, you know that water quality is tantamount to your success. The CAT 4000 chemical controller puts you in control, providing picture-perfect water quality on-site and remote monitoring via any internet PC in the world. All without the hassle of dealing with telephone lines or modems. Ten years ago CAT pioneered the use of microprocessor-based technology to provide unprecedented product quality, value and ease of use. Now we have developed affordable wireless technology and internet based monitoring to put you in control like never before. Simply install the factory-assembled CAT 4000 system and log onto poolcomm.com to activate your wireless account and begin monitoring.
* Using your personal poolcomm.com website you can view water quality data, print charts and graphs, customize your settings, and receive alarm notifications via email, pager, text messenger or cell phone.

  • Programmable pH and ORP settings.
  • Programmable overfeed feed timers
  • Programmable proportional feed, on time, or fixed feed options
  • Programmable pH priority
  • Programmable alarm point settings with audio, visual and outbound notification for continuous monitoring
  • Monthly or annual air time contract required
  • 5 Year Warranty

Some Benefits of Poolcom Wireless

  • The CAT 4000 eliminates the costs of installing and maintaining dedicated analog telephone lines.
  • Forget about dealing with modem hassles! Monitor via web browser from any internet PC in the world.
  • Avoid the high cost, faded signals, spotty coverage and inconsistent formats of various cellular carriers.
  • The POOLCOMM program utilizes affordable reflex telemetry technology for unmatched reliability.
  • Backed by a comprehensive five year warranty. Manufactured in the USA

Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
CAT-4000-R25 CAT 4000 with R25 Transceiver FREE $5,441.93 $3,627.95 $1,813.98
CAT-4000075-R25 CAT 4000 with R25 Transceiver, Machined Flowcell & RFS FREE $6,100.43 $4,066.95 $2,033.48
CAT-4000075-R50 CAT 4000 with R50 Transceiver, Machined Flowcell & RFS FREE $6,100.43 $4,066.95 $2,033.48

OPTIONAL ITEMS : Additional Accessories that can accompany the above products.
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
AT-MC4 MONTHLY AIRTIME CAT 4000 FREE $92.93 $61.95 $30.98
AT-SC4 SEASONAL AIRTIME CAT 4000 FREE $316.43 $210.95 $105.48
AT-AC4 ANNUAL AIRTIME CAT 4000 FREE $586.43 $390.95 $195.48
Enclosure Type
7" x 7" x 2.3" Glass Filled Polycarbonate
Enclosure Properties
NEMA Type 1, 4, 4X, 6, 12, 13
Flame Resistance
UL94-5V (UL 746 C 5)
Display 2 x 20 Character Vacuum Fluorescent
Front Panel 
UV Protected Lexan Membrane Switch
Key Type Embossed Stainless Steel Tactile Domes
Injection Molded with Integral Baffles
Flow Sensor Magnetic with Embedded Reed Switch
Backboard CNC Machined & Beveled PVC
CAT Professional Series pH Sensor
  CAT Professional Series ORP Sensor
  CAT Magnetic Flow Sensor
  CAT Rotary Flow Sensor
  Optical pH Tank Level Sensor
  Optical ORP Tank Level Sensor
  Optical Water Level Sensor
  Digital Flow Meter
Auxiliary Output User Programmable
  Remote Alarm
  pH Acid Feed
  pH Base Feed
  ORP Primary Feed
  ORP Supplemental Feed
  Dechlorination Control
  Level / Flow Sensor #1, #2 or #3
  Time-based Activation


Bi-directional Wireless

Internet URL

< 2 Minutes per Path
Outbound Format Email, Text Message, Internet

Safety Systems

pH Low and High Alarms
  ORP Low and High Alarms
  pH Priority Feed
  pH Overfeed Timeout
  ORP Overfeed Timeout
  Supplemental Feed Modes
  Outbound Notifications

Optional Equipment

Optical Level Sensors
  Digital Flow Rate Sensor
  Rotary Flow Sensor
  Remote Dome Antenna
Providing Complete Water Solution
  • State of the art microprocessor-based water quality controller with integrated wireless communications.
  • Wireless link to the poolcomm site with extensive North American coverage and 24 x 7 monitoring.
  • Incredibly simple to install and operate via simple menus and a bright, alphanumeric VFD display.
  • Compatible with existing chemical feed equipment, so initial investment is minimized.
  • Comes complete with CAT Professional Series pH and ORP sensors for unsurpassed performance.


Home Pool Supplies Chemical Controller CAT 4000


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Order Amount Handling Fee
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Over $100.00 $10.99
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CAT 4000 - Automatic Chemical Controller