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Poolcomm.com is a revolutionary way to manage the water quality of multiple commercial pools and spas from a single remote location. This web interface allows detailed monitoring, pH and ORP adjustment, compliance documentation and more, all through the internet. Any computer, Blackberry® or iPhone® or web-enabled mobile device can manage a pool.

  • Direct control of systems from any web browser
  • Monitor and display multiple facilities simultaneously
  • Receive real-time detection of pH and ORP problems
  • Color-coded alarm display, with notification via email or text
  • Up to 25% savings in labor costs yearly
  • Identify detrimental patterns and issues
  • Make better use of maintenance personnel time
  • Logs read hourly and updated every 24 hours or upon request
  • Used in conjunction with CAT4000 and CAT5000 to provide a bi-directional communication to a centralized database
  • Instruction Manual
  • Log in to www.poolcomm.com

Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
AT-MC4 MONTHLY AIRTIME CAT 4000 FREE $92.93 $61.95 $30.98
AT-MC5 MONTHLY AIRTIME CAT 5000 FREE $103.43 $68.95 $34.48
AT-SC4 SEASONAL AIRTIME CAT 4000 FREE $316.43 $210.95 $105.48
AT-SC5 SEASONAL AIRTIME CAT 5000 FREE $376.43 $250.95 $125.48
AT-AC4 ANNUAL AIRTIME CAT 4000 FREE $586.43 $390.95 $195.48
AT-AC5 ANNUAL AIRTIME CAT 5000 FREE $869.93 $579.95 $289.98





Home Pool Supplies Chemical Controller PoolComm Service


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$0.01 - $24.99 $8.99
$25.01 - $100.00 $9.99
Over $100.00 $10.99
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