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Algae growth is a very common problem with swimming pool owners and the proper use of your filtration system along with our top of the line products will easily solve all your swimming pool algae problems.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Algaecides

Our premium products work wonders as algaestats (prevents) and algaecides (kills). There are millions of spores constantly barraging your swimming pool water. Take control with our line of algaecides which offer only the the most concentrated chemicals to fight all kinds of algae outbreak.




These are excellent treatments to prevent or kill algae growth when used with chlorine. A lot of people also use algaecides as a preventative, especially in pools where algae growth is problematic or persistent. Algaecides kill algae spores as they enter the water. Algae spores are constantly entering your swimming pool from rain, wind and dust and they multiply most efficiently in sunlight and warm water. Routine chlorination cannot cope with the rapid growth at peak times or during an algae "bloom" causing visible outburst of algae. These algae can appear to be green, brown, black, mustard or even pink in color. By the time algae has bloomed there are already millions of algae cells in every gallon of water!

It may be a good idea to add pool algaecides to your swimming pool on a weekly basis if you regularly experience problems with algae growth but there is no need for regular algaecides in areas where algae is not recurring. Usually, once you can see heavy algae growth it is already too late for algaecides which work best at keeping them away in the first place. A chlorine based shock treatment will suffieciently kill the algae and then use the algaecide treatments to keep the algae at bay.

Common Types of Algaecides
Copper based algaecides can be used to treat against all types of algae. These will not cause foam to appear in a swimming pool as in other types of algaecides. There is however a problem with stains on the surface of the swimming pool if the product is not used properly. Note: Do not use copper based algaecides in a swimming pool that uses a Biguanide based sanitizing system such as Baquacil or SoftSwim.

The other most common types are quaternary ammonium compounds instead of a copper formula. These algaecides will not stain a swimming pool but may cause foaming to occur. Polyquat pool algaecides cannot cause staining or foaming and is often a very good choice for the pool owner even though they may be a more expensive choice.

If you are still experiencing problems with algae please check out our Troubleshooting guide.

WARNING: Pool chemicals are dangerous and should be kept out of reach of children. Please be sure to read and refer to the product labels and use appropriately as per instructions to avoid adverse reactions.


Home Swimming Pool Supplies Swimming Pool Chemicals Algaecides


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