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Keeping your swimming pool water balance should be of the utmost concern to the pool owner and is usually considered to be the fist step in maintaining you swimming pool water chemicals. Use our easy to use products to maintain your pool water's pH levels, as well as your Alkalinity, and Calcium levels.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Balancers

We offer all the swimming pool water balancers that you will ever need to maintain water chemistry in your swimming pool. Proper balance ensure you are getting high levels of effectiveness from your pool chemicals. Our high quality products compare to the best of the best and will easily meet all your pool chemical needs.




Water Balance
You swimming pool is designed to hold the same amount of water for many years to come and time can play a great hand in putting your water out of balance which can cause corrosion, scaling or even stains to appear in your swimming pool. A good test kit will let you measure the key components of water balance which are pH, Total Alkalinity, and Acid or Alkali demand. You should remember to supplement your testing with the use of a pool professional from time to time who can verify your readings and spot trends that could lead to potential future problems.

pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of your swimming pool water. Usually it is measured on a scale that ranges from 0 to 15 where 0 is extremely acid and 15 is extremely alkaline. You should try and maintain a proper pH range of 7.2 - 7.8. Any pH readings greater than 7.8 will usually lead to cloudy water and scaling on all the pool surfaces as well as inefficient sanitizing and swimmer discomfort. Any pH readings lower than 7.2 will usually lead to corrosion of metal pars such as those present in your heaters and swimming pool ladders as well as wrinkling of your vinyl liners, etched plaster and swimming discomfort.

Total Alkalinity
This measures the level of certain minerals that help control the pH of your swimming pool water. The proper range of Total Alkalinity is between 80 - 150 ppm (parts per million). Low Total Alkalinity allows the pH to become unstable and can cause the pH to fluctuate in either direction. This is the main reason why Total Alkalinity is also known as the "pH Stabilizer" (different from Chlorine Stabilizers). High Total Alkalinity usually locks in the pH but usually at levels greater than 7.8 pH levels. Use a  "pH Decreaser" to bring the pH level down to the correct range. Note: Vinyl, painted and fiberglass pools usually require somewhat higher Total Alkalinity levels than plaster pools.

This measures the level of calcium and magnesium minerals present in your swimming pool water. These minerals exist naturally in all water but vary greatly in amounts in different parts of the country (USA). "Soft Water" typically contains 50 ppm (parts per million) Hardness while "Hard Water" may contain 300 ppm Hardness. The appropriate range is 175 - 300 ppm Hardness for Plaster pools and the correct range is 125 - 250 ppm Hardness for Vinyl, painted or fiberglass pools. Pool water that is too low in Hardness will cause etching of plaster and corrosion of pool surfaces. Pool water that is too high in Hardness causes cloudiness and scaling to occur.

This refers to "Chlorine Stabilizers" and is a chemical that prevents the ultra-violet rays (UV) of sunlight from prematurely breaking down your sanitizer levels so that it can properly sanitize your swimming pool water. Chlorine stabilizers will reduce your sanitizer consumption by as much as 50%. Note: After applying stabilizers do not backwash your filter for at least 24 hours.

Note: Never add water to a chemical. Always add chemicals to water.

WARNING: Pool chemicals are dangerous and should be kept out of reach of children. Please be sure to read and refer to the product labels and use appropriately as per instructions to avoid adverse reactions.


Home Swimming Pool Supplies Swimming Pool Chemicals Balancers


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