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Cleaning Agents, Clarifiers and Stain Mineral Control

Your swimming pool needs to be cleaned and polished to have it look its tip top shape. Our specialty cleaners make it easy to maintain the appearance and performance of your pool and increase the life and beauty of your pool equipment. We also carry all the products you will need to control stains, rust and scales that occur in your swimming pools due to existing minerals and metals. Eliminate cloudy water with ease and increase filter efficiency with our line of swimming pool clarifiers. These products will help in getting rid or oil and scum and will produce an immediate and professional result.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Cleaning Agents

We offer all the popular cleaning products that you will need to take care of your pool. Choose from our diverse selection for the appropriate application.




Swimming Pool Clarifiers

Swimming pool Clarifiers will coagulate the particles in your pool water for easy, and efficient elimination by your pool filter. These products will wasily solve your cloudy water problems and make your water shimmer. Enjoy a sparkling, crystal clear water in your swimming pool this season.




Swimming Pool Stain Mineral Control

Take control of your pool stains with our products that will remove existing stains and prevent the formation of new ones due to minerals and metals.




Mineral Control
This is an important concern for the swimming pool owner who uses ground water or for pools that have copper plumbing or copper in their pool heaters. Pools that use such water are greatly susceptible to trace levels of iron, copper, manganese and can cause the pool water to be discolored and stained. Discolorations can appear to be green, blue, brown, or even black in color and are caused by the reaction between your sanitizer and the particular trace minerals in your swimming pool water. Scale and Stain removers do an excellent job of solving these problems. You may elect to have your pool water tested for such minerals when you are filling your swimming pool or at any time during the season.

Pool Clarifiers
Use a pool clarifier chemical when water becomes dull or cloudy and is not cleared up in 24 hours even after cleaning your filter and determining that your pool water pH levels are correct. If your pool water chemical levels are properly balanced then the cloudiness is typically caused by fine suspended debris in your pool water accumulated over time. Clarifiers will group together these fine particles and so make it easier for your pool filter to work more efficiently at removing these particles. Note: Be aware that most clarifiers may not be necessary if you are using a good D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) filter in the first place. In fact, many clarifiers cannot be used at all for D.E filters.

Cleaning Agents
Cleaning agents are required to clean and make the appearance of your swimming pool sparkle. Filter cleaning chemical are often highly effective and should be used to bolster the cleaning power of your filter media. Do not use common house hold cleaning agents as they would not be safe and appropriate for a swimming pool application.

WARNING: Pool chemicals are dangerous and should be kept out of reach of children. Please be sure to read and refer to the product labels and use appropriately as per instructions to avoid adverse reactions.


Home Swimming Pool Supplies Swimming Pool Chemicals Cleaning Agents and Stain Mineral Control


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