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Filter Secret™ is a gel cleanser that's safe, effective, fast-acting and inexpensive to use. Filter Secret's unique formula purges sediment, algae, bacteria, lotions, hair, oils and other particulate matter that can clog your filter cartridges and grids (reducing their efficiency at entrapping particulates in your spa or pool water). Filter Secret is also simple to use. Just add 1/4 of container (2 teaspoons) to 5 gallons of water. Soak your cartridge(s) or grid(s) completely for 15 minutes. Then remove and rinse off to a "like new" condition. Thousands of pores and waterways are now reopened to begin the filtering process. Filter Secret gel is an earth-friendly, non-toxic cleaner that's tough on sediment. In fact, some of the ingredients in Filter Secret are the same as those used in restaurants, hospitals, schools and homes for the toughest cleaning jobs. But unlike acids and other cleaning solutions, Filter Secret is easy on the environment. It's so safe that after usage, you could actually pour the liquid on the ground, without having to worry about the kids or pets getting into it! Filter Secret comes in a 2-oz container (4 cleaning doses per). It also works great on other hard-to-clean surfaces, too. Watch it unleash its powerful scrubbing action, without toil or time from you. This gel is absolutely fantastic.


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FS200 Ahh-Some Filter Cartridge & Grid Cleaning Gel 2 Oz. FREE $17.93 $11.95 $5.98
FS200-2K Filter Cleaner & Grid Cleaning Gel 2 Oz. - 2 Pack FREE $32.93 $21.95 $10.98



Filter Secret Usage Instructions:
For Use with Sand Filters:
Filter Secret is absolutely fantastic when used with a sand filter (whether your filter media is Sand or Zeolite). For filters that have 50-125# of sand (media) add 1/4 of container (1/2 ounce, or 2 teaspoons) to a gallon of water. Mix thoroughly by shaking (takes 1 minute or less). Begin backwashing your filter and slowly pour the gallon of cleaning compound into the pool skimmer (taking about 1 minute to finish the gallon). Watch the scum and debris that is safely leached from your filter, onto the ground. Repeat this process if you were still purging scum & gunk after the cleaner finished going through the system. For filters with over 125# of sand (media) add 1/3 of the container to 1-2 gallons of water, mix thoroughly, and slowly add it through the skimmer while the filter is backwashing.

Important Notes:
You will see some foam. This is normal, and will dissipate in a matter of minutes. Look at the skimmer where you poured the Filter Secret solution. Wipe it to a "like new", scum-free condition. Your suction line and filter are now "whistle clean". Do this at least twice per year or season. If you live in an area of the country where you turn off the filter for the winter, yet water remains inside the tank, you will love this process for getting rid of the accumulated algae and scum that has built up inside the vessel.


Home Swimming Pool Supplies Swimming Pool Chemical Filter Secret™


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