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Shock treatments are often necessary from time to time to rid the water of organic compounds that irritate swimmer and tie up chlorine and so prevent its performance as a sanitizer. Use our easy and effective shock treatments to get fast results and get your pool back in control.

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Swimming Pool Shocks

Our premium products are your secret to a successful and stress free pool season. We offer the best combinations of products to handle any pool need and replenishes your sanitizers effectiveness making your pool safe and your water algae free again.




Shock Treatments
Various contaminants such as swimmer waste, lotions and oils can accumulate in your swimming pool water. Usually this buildup is most prevalent during hot weather and periods of heavy bathing when your filter is already working at its maximum peak performance. Shock treatments will oxidize or burn-up these contaminants for a period of 12 - 24 hours. It is usually a good idea to apply shock treatments in the early evenings so that it can work overnight and be burned down to normal levels the next day. Be sure to continue to run your filter during this time. Dissolve your shock treatment in a bucket so that undissolved particles do not cause stains.

No chlorine Shock treatments does not restrict your swimming after applying treatment. They work well but the traditional chlorine treatments are also very popular. 

Note: Never add water to a chemical. Always add chemicals to water.

WARNING: Pool chemicals are dangerous and should be kept out of reach of children. Please be sure to read and refer to the product labels and use appropriately as per instructions to avoid adverse reactions.


Home Swimming Pool Supplies Swimming Pool Chemicals Shocks and Balancers



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