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Startup Kits and Winterizing Kits

Take the guesswork out of the picture and use our easy and comprehensive startup kits and winterizing kits for all your swimming pool opening and closing needs. Your pool will need of a combination of chemicals to safely and efficiently open your pool for the season and also to safely close for the winter. Purchasing a kit where all your chemicals are neatly available for one low price is a great option and Aqua-Pool-Warehouse brings you the best deals on the internet.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Winterizing Kits

These handy kits will take care of everything that you will need to safely winterize your pool. Winterizing your pool properly only assures you of having a sparkling and clean pool when you open next spring. All kits come with detailed instruction. It doesn't easier than this.




Swimming Pool Startup Kits

Our startup kits contains powerful shocks and chemicals that are commonly used to open your swimming pool for the season. We even offer pre-formulated and pre-measured kits to fit your pool size. It's fast, easy and convenient.




Startup Kits
Startup kits offer a great and efficient way to buy your opening chemicals that you will need come spring. Startup kits will usually contain some kind of algaecides along with clarifiers, and either a chlorine based or non chlorine based shock treatment. Depending on kits they also include other common chemicals but these are the main players. All in one pills and applications work well as well though they are relatively newer in the market.

Winterizing Kits
Closing kits will include algaecides, rust and scale preventers of some form and either chlorine based or non chlorine shock treatment. There are more steps involved in closing your pool properly for the winter.

  1. Test your water and add any necessary balancers.

  2. vacuum the pool thoroughly and clean the filter.

  3. Add Stain and scale control directly in the water as appropriate.

  4. While pool is still circulating, Shock the pool water evenly.

  5. Add the algaecide the following day.

  6. Lower the water level if desired, plug all lines and drain water from the equipment to prevent freeze damage.

  7. Add pool grade anti-freeze (usually not included among most closing kits) to the lines to prevent freezing

  8. Cover the pool with either a mesh or solid cover securely.

  9. Be sure to follow the manufacturers recommendations for winter care for all equipment.

Note: Never add water to a chemical. Always add chemicals to water.

WARNING: Pool chemicals are dangerous and should be kept out of reach of children. Please be sure to read and refer to the product labels and use appropriately as per instructions to avoid adverse reactions.

Keep a first aid kit and manual, a life ring and a pole on site at all times.


Home Swimming Pool Supplies Swimming Pool Chemicals Startup and Winterizing Kits



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