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STIC-O-STEEL is a hand kneadable steel minutes of mixing. STIC-O-STEEL is extremely tough and durable with exceptional adhesion to a wide range of metals. After one hour, it can be free from black specs) drilled, tapped, filed, machined, etc. Will not rust or oxide. Impervious to chemicals and corrosion. Will adhere to wet surfaces, underwater, and within chemicals.

  • STIC-O-STEEL Putty, The 5 Minutes Cold Weld
  • Come in Two Convenient Sizes
  • 2 Ounce Tubes & 4 Ounce Tubes
  • NOTE: Stic-o-steel and Pow-R Wrap can be used underwater

STIC-O-STEEL is Fast With a setup time of 4-5 minutes, it becomes STEEL hard in 15 minutes, and is completely cured within One hour. Ready to be drilled, sanded, tapped, primed and painted in any home, office or shop.

STIC-O-STEEL is Strong enough to last a lifetime. When cured, it has the tensile strength of 6,000 pounds per square inch. Which means a repair made with a one inch piece of STIC-O-STEEL could lift the weight of 3 automobiles!!

STIC-O-STEEL is Impenetrable It is impervious to chemicals such as shop fluids, gasoline, diesel fuel, antifreeze, solvents, oils and acids such as battery acids. It can withstand temperatures as high as 550 EF (288 EC) or as low as 91 EF (-68 EC). It has a 3 year minimum shelf life and is Certified by NSF for repairs of all drinking water pipes, tanks and systems.

STIC-O-STEEL Even works under water Or in fluids and in all atmospheric conditions. Repairs can be made inside a container, tank, etc. with the liquids still in them. No need to empty them first!

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Home Swimming Pool Supplies Maintenance Equipment Stic-O-Steel


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