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The 1 Meter Econoline Diving Stand measures 1 meter from the top of a properly installed board to water surface and is designed for moderate to heavy-duty use on commercial pools. All steel components are constructed from carbon steel and are primed ready for paint topcoat. Handrails are required for all 1 meter stands and must be ordered separately.

  • Welded construction pedestal slopes at 33 degree from vertical
  • 3/8" formed carbon steel with 6" slots for securing to tray
  • Excellent value for commercial pools
  • Height: 1 Meter with 33 Degrees column slope
  • Handrails: 1.90 O.D. x .065 wall stainless steel
  • Fulcrum: 62" for 12' board, 74" for 14' board
  • Warranty Information
  • Specifications.
  • Owner's Manual.



Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
E-CAT-1M-100 Econo 1 Meter Stand For 12' Bd FREE $2,641.43 $1,760.95 $880.48
E-CAT-1M-101 Econo 1 Meter-14' Bd FREE $2,657.93 $1,771.95 $885.98

OPTIONAL ITEMS : Additional Accessories that can accompany the above products.
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
25-106 Dls-101/Ecat Ss Handrails & Mounting Kit FREE $1,381.43 $920.95 $460.48


Support Column
The Econoline 1 Meter Diving Stand column slopes at 33 degrees from vertical. All welded construction for 12' and 14' diving boards. The stand is sand blasted proir to receiving a coat of primer.

Platform Tray
The E-CAT-1M-100 has a 1/4" x 12" wide x 72" long formed steel tray and the E-CAT-1M-101 tray is 78" long. Each tray has two 6" slots for fulcrum adjustment.

Tread Support And Tread
5" schedule 40 steel pipe welded to rear to tray. A self-adhesive pad with a non-slip surface covers the 3/16" steel uniweld tread.

Tie-Down Angle
5/16" x 3" x 18" long carbon steel angle welded to the heel end of the tray. The angle has two 9/16" diameter holes on 12" centers for mounting the diving board.

Fulcrum (25-105)
1 1/2" schedule 40 x 20" long steel pipe with white rubber fulcrum cover. Two 3/8" diameter studs on 6" centers are welded to pipe for securing to tray.

Handrails (25-106)
1.90" O.D. x 065" wall stainless steel polished and buffed tubes are bolted to tray handrail support brackets.


Home Swimming Pool Supplies Diving Boards Commercial Boards Econoline Stand


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