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SwimPure Natural Swimming Pool Purifying System

Now, you can transform your Hayward brand swimming pool cartridge filter into a pool water purifier by using SwimPure Natural Pool Purifying System.

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Up to 25,000 Gallons Up to 35,000 Gallons
Hayward Filter Hayward Cartridge Catalog  
C400 CX410RE W22460  
C550 CX550RE W22460  
C850 CX850RE W22460  
C1250 CX1250RE W22460  
C3000 CX570XRE W22460  
C4000 CX870XRE W22460  
C5000 CX1260RE W22460  
C5520 CX1380RE W22460  
C751 CX760RE W22470  
C800 CX800RE W22470  
C900 CX900RE W22470  
C1100 CX1100RE W22470  
C1200 CX1200RE W22470  
C1500 CX1500RE W22470  
C17502 CX1750RE W22470  
Hayward Filter Hayward Cartridge Catalog
C400 CX410RE W22465
C550 CX550RE W22465
C850 CX850RE W22465
C1250 CX1250RE W22465
C3000 CX570XRE W22465
C4000 CX870XRE W22465
C5000 CX1260RE W22465
C5520 CX1380RE W22465
C751 CX760RE W22476
C800 CX800RE W22476
C900 CX900RE W22476
C1100 CX1100RE W22476
C1200 CX1200RE W22476
C1500 CX1500RE W22476
C17502 CX1750RE W22476
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
W22465 Swimpure 3In N2Cn35 FREE $179.93 $119.95 $59.98

Features :

  • Patented pending delivery sytem distributes minerals quickly and efficiently.
  • Patented mineral process traps bacteria to purifying your pool water.
  • Easily installs in your Hayward cartridge filter in seconds..
  • Lasts 6 full months.
  • No electricity, no moving parts - it's powered by your pool water flow.
  • It's natural - no more stringing eyes, dry skin or bleached fabrics.
  • Reduce chlorine usage up to 80%.
  • Stable even in hot weather and heavily used pools.
  • Ends chemical damage to filtration system.
  • Safety for swimming ... and for the environment.


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