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Pool Filter Systems

In the modern day swimming pool you need a combination of Chemicals, the correct water circulation and appropriate water filtration system all working in cohesion to keep you pool water looking crisp and sparkling. At Aqua-Pool-Warehouse we have made the choice simple, easy and are happy to offer the top brands of filter systems from industry leading manufacturers. Choose from our collection of Sand, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and Cartridge filter systems from Hayward, Pentair, Sta-Rite, Waterway and more. These filter systems combine pumps and filters that go hand in hand for optimum results and peak efficiency. So stop worrying about what pumps will go with which filter.... we've assembled the best combinations for your swimming pool needs!!

Swimming Pool Filter Systems

Above Ground Sand Filter Systems

Sand filters are economical and has tried and trusted performance. Sand Filters are one of the most popular filters because it is relatively easy to clean by backwashing, requires low maintenance and replacement sand is relatively cheap. We have brought together optimized combinations of sand filter systems for your above ground pool.




Above Ground DE Filter Systems

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) can filter out even the minutest dust particles ranging down to an incredible 5 microns. DE filters will provide the best filtration possible for that crystal clear water you deserve in your swimming pool. Save money and time by choosing one of our optimized systems tuned to perform at maximum efficiency for you above ground swimming pool.




Above Ground Cartridge Filter Systems

Cartridge Filters filter our particles as small as 10 microns and require minimal maintenance. Its as easy as risking it off!! Our proven designs are highly effective and you can rest assured that your filtration system is working together to bring you that crystal clear water for your above ground swimming pool.




In Ground Filter Systems

You don't have to look anywhere else for your combination of pumps and filters for your in ground swimming pool. We have brought together popular and highly effective combinations that will provide worry free, effective and a complete filtration system because they already come with the pumps and filters that are best suited and complement each other for your in ground swimming pool.



Filter Accessories

We carry only the best choices for your filtration needs!! Our products have been thoroughly tested and are upheld to the highest standards in the pool industry.




Filter systems are usually a very practical solution for most pool owners that are starting their swimming pool for the first time or for those who wish to replace their aging filter and pump that are no longer working efficiently. The filtration process in your swimming pool require both the filter and the swimming pool pump to work together and, along with the chemicals that you need for your swimming pool, are an important element in keeping your water beautiful, inviting and hygienic. These systems have been brought together because they work great together and are perfectly matched so you don't have to worry about which pump will suit the filter of your choice or worry about the system's overall efficiency. This increased efficiency will save you money and time in the long run and you can enjoy your swimming pool in the manner you deserve.

We would like to mention that a pool can be properly maintained with any of the systems described and that suitability of a system is often more related to the size rather than the type. As an example, I would rather choose a larger cartridge filter than a smaller DE filter even though the DE filter has the ability to filter out finer particles than the cartridge filter. A grain of table salt is about 90 microns and the human eye cannot see anything less than 35 microns. The size of the filter itself will matter more than its type or even its manufacturer. The larger the filter and the pump driving it, the better the filtration system for your swimming pool.

The correct pump for your swimming pool should be able to pump your pool's volume of water in at least 8 hours (we highly recommend 6 hours) to cycle your water and enable the filter to keep your water clear and inviting. Remember that each manufacturer's pump essentially performs differently and you should not rely on the stated horse power but rather in the volume of water pumped in gallons per minute (GPM) against the friction loss of your pool plumbing system. The type of filter is the next main consideration for your pool filtration system. Our filter systems are already configured and matched properly so that it can offer your worry free service from day one!!

Sand Pool Filter
Sand Pool filters are the most common types of filters used in the pool industry. They are the accepted standard in commercial applications or large pool facilities and is an effective economic solution for your pool filtrations needs. Sand Filters use especially created sand as the filtration medium and water is pushed through the medium. The dirt particles get trapped between the sand where the sharp edges of the sand catch the dirt. On comparison with the other filter types, sand filters usually remove particles only as small as 20 to 25 microns. Sand filters are the least effective method in terms of particle size. As the filter sand gets clogged with debris, it becomes more efficient and catches more dirt but pressure also increases and the water flow drops. Thus it must be cleaned and repacked by backwashing the sand.

Backwashing is a process where you run the filter in reverse through the use of a valve and flush out the dirt. The frequency of the backwashing is directly proportional to the size of the filter in respect to the pool. Backwashed water is usually wasted water and this is another drawback of maintaining a sand pool filter. If the sand gets too dirty the sand medium can be replaced easily and inexpensively. Sand filters are are super reliable, inexpensive and has been around the longest.

Cartridge Pool Filter
Cartridge pool filters utilizes a cartridge as the filtration medium. Usually very popular for most spas and many smaller above ground pools, the cartridge filter is rapidly gaining popularity among in ground pool users as well. Cartridge filters use cartridges made of synthetic filter materials. Cartridges don't clog up as quickly and usually have more available area to filter. This allows cartridge filters to not reduce water flow like Sand and DE filters. Cartridge filters put less back-pressure on the pump and hence you get more flow and turnover for an equivalent pump size. Another advantage is that cartridge filters require little maintenance. Most often cartridges simply need to be rinsed off and eventually replaced. Cartridge filters are considered to be between sand and DE filters and can filter out particles as small as 10 microns. The use of a clarifier can greatly help cartridge filter perform efficiently. A great choice where water is a considerable expense

DE Pool Filter
DE filters can take out particles as small as 3 to 5 microns. Diatomaceous earth are fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diatoms. They are used to coats grids that are used in the filter to house the DE material and so filter out debris. Diatom filter area is sized between sand and cartridge filters. The pressure will still build up as in sand filters and so DE filters require backwashing usually through the use of a valve. A multiport valve usually works wonderfully for backwashing purposes. No other filter type comes close to the performance of a DE filter.

If you have questions about your pool filter system selection please contact us either by calling our experts toll free or using our email system..



Home Swimming Pool Supplies Filters Main Page Pool Filter Systems


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