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Above Ground Pool Heaters

Pool Heaters extend your swimming hours during the day as well as the overall swimming months in the year. Just think about a pool dip in a late night in warm waters under a clear starry sky!! The most common heaters that are used are gas and solar powered. Heat pumps are efficient but may be cost restrictive for most above ground pool purposes.

Swimming Pool Heaters

Above Ground Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are the most popular, using either propane or natural gas. There is not much difference between the two but they are usually not interchangeable because of different operating temperatures. If you have natural gas service to your house, it may be more convenient to select a natural gas heater.




Above Ground Solar Heaters

Solar heaters are the second most common heaters used for above ground swimming pools. The sun heats your pool using extra black panels to use the sun's energy to heat your pool. Solar heaters have the least amount of annual operational cost and are getting more and more popular.




Gas Pool Heaters
Gas heaters for your above ground pools have improved in their efficiency but the gas prices increasing in recent times may have counteracted a bit of that savings. Gas heaters designed for above ground pools rarely use pilot lights. They usually use induced draft systems with electronic ignitions where the air is pushed through the system with a fan. This eliminates flameouts from gusts of wind and dispenses the exhaust without the need for a shaft rising up from the heater.

Also remember that your heater may require annual servicing. Please refer to the owner's manual for particular instructions from the manufacturer. Water passes through small copper tubes in the heat exchanger for most above ground swimming pool heaters. An improperly balanced water can degrade the sensitive copper in the gas fired pool heat exchanger.

Solar Pool Heaters
These panels are very large and are often placed on the roofs of houses facing south. The more surface area of solar panels you have the greater temperature your pool can achieve from the sun. Solar heater systems can cool your pool if you run water through them when it's cloudy, cool, raining or times other than mid day but an electronic valve usually solves this problem by only sending water to the solar panels when they are having a positive effect on the temperature of the pool. Solar heating units cost are a bit higher than gas heaters but are free to use. They can last a long time as they are quite durable and repairs on some models are relatively easy. Check out our selection of solar pool heaters for above ground pools and save a bundle on your heating costs.

If you have questions about your above ground pool heater selection please contact us either by calling our experts toll free or using our email system for quick and efficient solutions.



Home Swimming Pool Supplies Swimming Pool Heaters Above Ground Pool Heaters


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