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Pentair MasterTemp In Ground Gas Heater

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No matter what you’re seeking in your swimming pool heater, MasterTemp™ measures up. Compare this list of features to any other and you’ll see why MasterTemp is setting a new standard for total value. MasterTemp’s easy-to-read controls make system operation and monitoring simple. Pool and spa temperatures can be pre-set and controlled with the push of a button. A digital display indicates the water temperature, and five LED lights give you system status and let you know if the heater needs service. Safe operation is assured through a series of features, including; a water pressure switch that senses the pump is running to prevent overheating; high limit switches assure the heater turns off if water temperature exceeds factoryset limits; manual gas shut-off when service is required; stack flue sensor also guards against overheating.

  • Controls rotate to 3 positions so there’s no need to reverse the header, simplifying installation.
  • Quick-change orifice allows easy conversion of gas sources.
  • Compact design (21 L x 21W x 28 H) is easy to retrofit, no matter what the space challenges.
  • A hot surface ignition (no pilot light) and pushbutton, digital controls.
  • The Eco-friendly MasterTemp is certified for low NOx emissions.
  • Engineered for super-quiet operation
  • Superior “best-in-class” energy-efficiency.
  • Built-in carrying handles for easy transport.
  • Top-mounted, large format digital display for easy viewing.
  • A tough, rustproof composite exterior handles the heat and weathers the elements.
  • 2 Year Full Warranty
  • Owner's Manual

The Pentair MasterTemp has a compact design for such a high performance heater which allows for smaller overall equipment pads that won’t intrude on your pools cape. A fully pre-mixed system with a highly efficient air and gas mixture lets MasterTemp heat up fast, so no more long waits before enjoying your pool or spa!! And if you compare the energy efficiency ratings, you’ll find that MasterTemp is right at the top of the list. Comfort and economy can now go hand in hand. The MasterTemp is as easy to operate as your home heating system. User-friendly indicator lights make system operation and monitoring a snap and easy-to-view, rotating digital display places controls front and center, no matter how MasterTemp is positioned on your equipment pad.

Natural Gas Pool Heater
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
460792 Mastertemp 175 Natural Gas Pool Heater FREE $2,582.93 $1,721.95 $860.98
460730 Mastertemp 200 Natural Gas Pool Heater FREE $2,969.99 $1,979.99 $990.00
460732 Mastertemp 250 Natural Gas Pool Heater FREE $3,044.99 $2,029.99 $1,015.00
460734 Mastertemp 300 Natural Gas Pool Heater FREE $3,367.49 $2,244.99 $1,122.50
460736 Mastertemp 400 Natural Gas Pool Heater FREE $3,817.49 $2,544.99 $1,272.50
460775 Mastertemp 400K Btu Asme Hd Natural Gas Swimming Pool Heater Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger FREE $4,114.43 $2,742.95 $1,371.48
Propane Pool Heater
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
460793 Mastertemp 175 Propane Pool Heater FREE $2,582.93 $1,721.95 $860.98
460731 Mastertemp 200 Propane Pool Heater FREE $2,705.93 $1,803.95 $901.98
460733 Mastertemp 250 Propane Pool Heater FREE $2,614.43 $1,742.95 $871.48
460735 Mastertemp 300 Propane Pool Heater FREE $3,050.93 $2,033.95 $1,016.98
460737 Mastertemp 400 Propane Pool Heater FREE $3,463.43 $2,308.95 $1,154.48





Home Pool Supplies Pool Heaters In Ground Heaters MasterTemp


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