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AmerGlow 30 Fiber Optic Light

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The AmerGlow 100, 70, 50, 30, and 12 fiber cables are available in factory pre-cut, pre-OptiFused cable/lens assemblies and in spools. Our proprietary OptiFusion procedure delivers the finest termination, highest light transmission cable available to the industry.

  • Wide-angle lens included in all assemblies
  • Dense Cable jacket for one inch or smaller conduit
  • Highest quality fiber termination system available, for superior light transmission
  • Available in spools

Multiple lights in pool sides
The AmerGlow 100, 70 and 50 can be use for multiple lights on the side of the pool. It is available in factory pre-cut, pre-OptiFused lengths up to 40 ft. and in spools up to 500 ft.

Spa installations
AmerGlow 30 delivers superior lights for most spas. AmerGlow 100 or 70 may be used for extra large spas, spas with glass block dam wall, or long cable runs. Available in factory pre-cut, pre-OptiFused cables up to 40 ft. or spools up to 500 ft.

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Shadow illumination, step and landscape light AmerGlow 30 is perfect for steps, small shadows or basic landscape illumination. AmerGlow 50 is used for more demanding requirements including waterfalls, fountains and longer runs. AmerGlow 100 or 70 can be used for washing large shadows, longer runs, or for more intense lighting.



Home Swimming Pool Supplies Pool Lights AmerGlow 30


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AmerGlow 30 - Pentair Fiber Optic Pool Light