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GlowBuoy Pool Light - K.L Industries

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If you (or a previous owner) didn't purchase lighting when your pool was installed, you've probably come to the realization that you're not getting as much use out of it as you'd like. And if you considered adding lighting after the fact, you were probably shocked by the cost and difficulty involved. The durable outer casing is designed to withstand concrete decks and dropping by playful children. Plus, this specially designed plastic shell will not fade or yellow in direct exposure to sunlight or pool chemicals. Glow Buoy™’s soft edges will not damage your pool’s vinyl liner and its rechargeable battery will last up to 10,000 hours.

  • Simple to use. Just turn the switch and toss it in the pool.
  • Completely lights up a 20 X 40 foot pool with a warm, ambient glow.
  • More than 180° of light on the vertical plane.
  • 360° of light on the horizontal plane (bird's eye view)
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery (charger and battery included with purchase), GlowBuoy last up to 6 hours between charges.
  • Designed to last for years of normal pool use.
  • Won't damage pool linings as it contains no sharp or abrasive features.
  • Designed to withstand hard pool decks and the rough-and-tumble of children.
  • Won't fade from sunlight or pool chemicals.
  • Sits on its own storage cradle (included with purchase).
  • Accessories available to extend useful applications.
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  • Owner's Manual

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 Table Stand
+Table stand supports light on flat and uneven surfaces such as patio and picnic tables for use out of water
+Has rubber, non-slip feet
+Diffuses light evenly around fixture
Simple to use
Packs for shipping and storage
Made from translucent UV grade plastic
Product life
+5-10 years depending on use
Environmental considerations
+Sunlight-southern US +32-135° F (0 to 55° C) operating +Resistant to chemicals
Packaged with hanging system +Instructions and usage photos on card
Hanging System  
+Hanging system supports light securely over picnic and patio tables from an overhead pointfor out of water use.
+Safe and simple to use
Packs flat for shipping and storage
User assembled
Made from UV grade material
Product life

+ 5-10 years depending on use
Environmental considerations

+ Sunlight-southern US +32-135° F (0 to 55° C) operating +Resistant to chemicals
+Comes in a marble bag style pouch +Packaged with table stand +Instructions and usage photos on card




Home Swimming Pool Supplies Pool Lights GlowBuoy


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