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Color Splash Replacement Multi-Color LED In-Ground Pool & Spa Lights by ColorGlo offer seven solid colors, multiple color blends and five light shows that can instantly transform the consumers pool and spa area into a color-rich paradise. These lights use an Edison base, so they install easily into the consumers existing fixture in just minutes. Plus, Color Splashs LED technology makes these lights the most energy efficient and longest lasting of their kind on the market.

  • Nine exotic color modes
  • Proprietary cooling system
  • Maximizes product lifespan.
  • ETL listed. Safety tested and approved.
  • Recommended temperature range is -20FE to 110EF (-29EC to 43EC)
  • Advance through lighting modes using light switch. Easy to operate.
  • Seven solid colors, multiple color blends and five light shows. Empower the consumer with choice.
  • Synchronizing. Install multiple lights to transform the entire pool and spa area.
  • Uses 90% less electricity than a standard pool light. Reduces the consumers electric bill.
  • Spa Light Specification : Front diameter 3.07" (78 mm), Depth 2.41" (61.15 mm) Power Consumption 12W
  • Pool Light Specification : Front diameter 6.69" (170 mm), Depth 4.93" (125.22 mm) Power Consumption 35.3W
  • 5 Year Warranty

Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
LPL-7030-110-2 Color Splash Spa Light 120 Volt Bulb Only FREE $229.43 $152.95 $76.48
LPL-7030-12-2 Color Splash Spa Light 12 Volt Bulb Only FREE $229.43 $152.95 $76.48
LPL-2030-12-2 Color Splash 12 Volt Light Bulb Only FREE $373.43 $248.95 $124.48
LPL-2030-110-2 Color Splash 120 Volt Light Bulb Only FREE $374.93 $249.95 $124.98



ColorGlo LEDs offer many distinct advantages over other light sources, such as incandescent and halogen, including:

  • Multiple colors .  A single ColorGlo RGB LED can produce millions of colors. Incandescent and halogen lighting usually require a colored lens in order to produce a single color. Lenses dramatically decrease an incandescent or halogen lights luminosity and intensity. Instead, ColorGlo LED products alter the electrical current to the light to create different colors. This makes ColorGlo's LED lighting colors richer and more vibrant, with higher light output.
  • Low operating cost.  ColorGlo LED products are low-voltage lighting. This makes ColorGlo LEDs up to 90% more energy efficient than other lighting, such as incandescent and halogen. Lower power consumption lowers operating costs. Using ColorGlo LED lighting in place of incandescent or halogen lighting will reduce energy costs.
  • Low heat output. Because ColorGlo LED lighting consumes less energy, it generates very little heat. In comparison, an incandescent light dumps approximately 90% of the energy it consumes as heat, making the bulbs hot. Heat drastically reduces a lights lifespan. Because ColorGlo LED lighting generates very little heat, its lifespan far exceeds that of conventional lighting. And ColorGlo LED lighting is always cool to the touch.
  • Super long life.  ColorGlo LED lighting has the longest lifespan of any light on the market. The life of a single ColorGlo LED light can last up to 100,000 hours. This is significantly longer than the 1500 hour maximum life of a standard light bulb. ColorGlos amazingly long life considerably reduces consumer inconvenience and maintenance costs because it rarely needs replacing.
  • Durable.  ColorGlo LEDs operate without glass bulbs, delicate filaments, or complex tubing. This makes ColorGlo LED lighting far more shock and vibration resistant than incandescent or halogen lights. With ColorGlo, its easier and less expensive to build displays underwater and in outdoor environments where there is vibration, dust, or wind.
  • Environmentally Friendly.  ColorGlo LED lighting does not contain mercury. Also, ColorGlo LEDs do not produce EMI emissions. This makes ColorGlo LED lighting an Earth-friendly, or green lighting solution.




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