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Aqua-Pool-Warehouse is proud to present an extensive selection of swimming pool lights for either your above ground pool or your in-ground pool use. Imagine fully utilizing your pool in a relaxing evening or a refreshing dip on a comfortable night. They add that additional glow to finish off the beauty that your pool brings to your house at night and many pool users take advantage of the aesthetics created by adding color or colored effect to their swimming pool lights. Be assured that we bring to you the best products in the market with the highest review by our clients.

Pool Lighting

Above Ground Pool Light Standard

Make your above ground swimming pool shine bright and sparkle with our lights selection for above ground pools. They will add utility as well as beauty and is a great investment for your pool application.




Inground Pool Light Standard

Our selection of pool lights for in-ground swimming pools will enhance both the safety and visual appeal of your night time pool environment. Our variety of innovative lights and lighting systems are designed to bring a new level of underwater and poolside brilliance to both new and existing swimming pools.




Fiber Optic Pool Light

Nothing can replicate the delicate beauty that fiber optics will bring to your pool. You deserve the best and so we bring forth only the best in quality for all your fiber optic needs in your swimming pool application.



Landscape Lighting

We offer the variety of special effects and lighting applications for you swimming pool landscape lighting. These products will enhance the beauty and splendor of your poolside decor and make your pool more inviting and exiting place rest, relaxation and fun.




Swimming Pool Light Accessories

Transformers and Light Fixtures for you swimming pool, fountains, and landscape lighting.




Aqua-Pool-Warehouse has it all. We have the experts, the products, the experience and all the solutions you can possibly need for any of your swimming pool lighting needs. Our principals have been in the pool business for over 45 years and we can help with any of your questions. You are just a click away from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.



Home Swimming Pool Supplies   Pool & Spa Lights


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