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Hayward EcoStar Pump In Ground Swimming Pool Pump

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EcoStar variable speed pump is the most efficient pump at any speed that can save you up 90% on energy costs over a single-speed pump. EcoStar matches pump flow to a pool’s needs, versus running at full power 100% of the time and is suitable for both new construction and the aftermarket. The EcoStar SVRS model features an integrated Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) that helps prevent suction entrapment without additional devices, plumbing or wiring. It meets or exceeds all relevant ASME/ANSI standards as required by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act and similar state and local requirements.

  • Industry leading hydrolic designs, super efficient permanent magnet motor saves up to $1500 in energy costs year after year
  • Service mode allows your service company to clean pools quicker
  • Integrated controller is programmable with a self-contained 24-hour clock and up to 8 custom speed and timer functions that allow EcoStar to manage flow throughout the day
  • May be eligible for rebate from your local power utility
  • User interface can be repositioned (rotates to 4 different positions) or even removed and mounted on the wall for easier access
  • Quiet by design
  • Includes digital control interface wall-mount kit
  • No-rib basket design ensures easy debris removal
  • Extra leaf-holding capacity basket extends time between cleanings
  • 2" x 21/2" CPVC union connections provide easy installation and service
  • Pressure testable to 50 psi maximum
  • Self-priming (suction lift up to 10' above water level).
  • 1 year warranty
  • Owner's Manual

You can save significant time and money by installing EcoStar, without having to buy additional equipment or accessories. It’s fully programmable with a self-contained 24-hour clock and up to 8 custom speed and timer functions that allow EcoStar to manage flow throughout the day. EcoStar can alternatively be controlled by Hayward controls such as pro Logic®, OnCommand™, and E-Command® 4 or third party pool and spa controls. Whether used in new construction or aftermarket applications, EcoStar is the perfect choice.

Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
SP3400VSP Ecostar™ Variable Speed Programable Pool Pump FREE $1,978.43 $1,318.95 $659.48
SP3400VSPVR Ecostar™ Variable Speed Programable Pool Pump With Vacuum Release FREE $2,308.43 $1,538.95 $769.48


EcoStar Pump Dimensions

EcoStar Energy Saver

Quiet by design
Sunday afternoons and soft summer nights are never interrupted. EcoStar’s variable speed control assures that the water flows at the rate needed, and because EcoStar’s advanced hydraulic design moves water more efficiently, the motor can run at even lower speeds for incredibly quiet operation.

User and environmentally friendly
EcoStar is extremely easy to use, even for a new pool owner. It has a next-generation, integrated digital control interface that’s intuitive to operate and always faces a convenient direction as it can be mounted in four different positions on the pump or can be removed and wall-mounted. That’s especially important if the pump sits in a tight space. EcoStar also provides on-board diagnostics and automatic protection for priming, freezing and voltage to ensure seamless operation.

A pump that creates a cleaner pool?
When operating at lower speeds, EcoStar moves water more efficiently through the filter, which means more particulate is removed from pool and spa water, for clearer water. For added convenience, a no-rib basket design ensures easy debris removal.

EcoStar and EcoStar SVRS install easily and work with a wide variety of equipment.



Home Pool Supplies Pool Pumps EcoStar Pump


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EcoStar Pump - In Ground Swimming Pool Pump