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Hayward TriStar Energy Solution In Ground Swimming Pool Pump

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The superior new TriStar Energy SolutionTM variable-speed pump and control is proof that high performance doesnt have to come at the expense of high efficiency. Expect a 30% to 70%* increase in efficiency with increased performance and six programmable speeds to deliver superior water quality while lowering your energy consumption all at the same time.

TriStar Energy Solution is easy to program and operate. Your pool professional will customize each speed and its duration using the integrated time clock to optimize your pumps performance without consuming unnecessary electricity. And you can change the flow or a speeds duration with just the touch of a finger with the easy-to-use keypad. Because the wall-mounted control is separate and the keypad is lighted, it is easy to access and use, anytime of day.

  • Extremely quiet operation gives you more placement options for your equipment pad
  • Super sized basket has extra leaf-holding capacity and extends time between cleaning
  • Tri-lock design makes strainer cover easier to remove: no tools required
  • Pro Logic-Compatible for remote programming and control
  • Automatic default to low filter speed for superior energy management
  • Integrated 24-hour time clock lets you customize function speed and duration
  • Wall-mount control provides enhanced access
  • Back lighted display panel for easy nighttime use
  • Built-in memory recalls settings automatically
  • 8-ft. pump connector cable
  • Temperature protection
  • Electrical loading protection
  • Pump Controller Owner's Manual
  • 1 year warranty
  • Owner's Manua

Variable Speed Energy Efficient
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
SP3230EEK Tristar Pool Pump Variable Speed 3Ph 208/230V With/Variable Speed Control System FREE $1,853.93 $1,235.95 $617.98



Control your water flow and your electric bill at the same time.
TriStar Energy Solution allows you to adjust your spas flow from invigorating to the most relaxing spa experience. In your pool, you can adjust the waterfall from cascading falls to a quiet, relaxing trickle. TriStar Energy Solution improves water circulation quality and is amazingly quiet. The efficiency story isnt just that you can reduce the TriStars speed, but that TriStar is unsurpassed in hydraulic efficiency at any speed. Additionally, the TriStar pump is the most advanced residential filtration pump with a cam and ramp strainer cover that can be removed with just a quarter of a turn, a crystal-clear strainer cover to see when the basket needs to be emptied, a super sized basket to extend the time between cleanings, 2 X 21/2 unions for easy service, drain plugs that dont require tools to remove and it is molded of corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic.

Energy savings
Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to filtration pumps, bigger is NOT better! It is not about horsepower it is all about water flow. Running your filtration pump at slower speeds for longer periods of time can save you up to 30% to 70%* on your electric bill. And because you are moving the water more slowly and under less pressure, your pump will be quieter and your entire filtration system and plumbing will last longer. By customizing each speed to each pool function, you consume just enough electricity to perform each task filter your water disperse chemicals, operate an automatic cleaner and adjust spa or water feature flow.
While bigger is not better for filtration pumps, it is better for your pools plumbing and filter. Larger pipes (2 to 21/2 and larger); fewer less restrictive fittings; and a clean filter will optimize your electrical savings, because the easier it is for the pump to move water through your pools plumbing, the less electricity it will consume. And that can add up to hundreds of dollars per year in savings! Larger filters also require less frequent cleaning.

Step Up to Pro Logic from Goldline Controls and remotely Select Speeds
TriStar Energy Solution variable-speed pump and control can be operated by a Pro Logic pool/spa automation control that is designed with your ease and comfort in mind. With Pro Logic, you can control your filtering times, pool lights, heater, chlorine generator and all the other equipment around your pool, remotely. The best part is, you can do all these things from inside your home or by the touch of your Aqua PodTM handheld...so you can heat up your spa and adjust the jets to just the right flow before you even step outside. *Electrical consumption will vary depending on hours of operation, the size of your pools plumbing, number and size of plumbing fittings and whether your filter is clean. It is important to keep your filter clean


Home Pool Supplies Pool Pumps TriStar Energy Solution


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TriStar Energy Solution - In Ground Swimming Pool Pump