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Solar Reels are primarily used to easily handle large solar covers and take the fuss out of using a solar cover for day to day operation. Using a solar cover or solar blanket will help you eliminate heat loss and evaporation from your swimming pool and so they can help save you a lot of money in the long run in heating and water costs. A covered pool will also prevent dust and other debris from entering your pool and so a solar cover will also help in your pools filtration and chemical utilization but it is mostly used to retain heat and to avoid water evaporation.

Solar reels will take the fuss out of using a solar cover on your above ground or in ground swimming pool. We completely stand behind our products and assure you ease of operation and long durability in exposure to the harsh weather elements. Composed or rugged material and excellent workmanship, these carefully chosen solar cover reels will fit your swimming pool like a glove and make everyday use a breeze. Need help? No problem!! Just give us a call or email us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the correct solar reel for you the first time.

Solar reels will provide an easy solution to store your solar cover when not in use and help to put the cover back in a snap. Avoid unnecessary tears and damage when you handle large solar covers without a proper reel. You can also avoid getting dust and mud back into your pool from storing or keeping your cover tightly wrapped in a solar reel.

Solar Pool Reel

Above Ground Pool Solar Reel

Open your pool early or simply extend you pool season with a solar blanket and use one of our reels to make it all easier. Our reels are perfect for round, or oval pools and come in various appropriate sizes to accustom any pool needs.




Inground Pool Solar Reel

Take the Hassle and Fuss out of moving your solar pool cover with a durable high quality solar reel. Not only do these efficient reels save time, they also keep your solar cover securely wrapped for ease of operation.




Commercial Grade Pool Solar Reel

Engineered for hotel and motel pools this reel is designed for the heavy use of commercial pools. Its powder coated steel frame is much stronger then aluminum and it will not rust or corrode. The large metal crank handles glide effortlessly on the heavy duty sealed bearings located at both ends of the reel.




Pool Solar Reel Accessories

Pool Solar Reel Accessories.






Home Swimming Pool Supplies Solar Reel



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