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There are six Personality Kit models available for various pool and spa combinations. Each Personality Kit provides complete pool and spa controls that are fully programmable with temperature control and display. Every circuit has a countdown timer, ability to do one-time-use programs, salt generation interface for popular salt chlorinators, spectacular colored pool/spa lighting effects, along with solar control capabilities. In addition, there are various options available including light dimming, smart home interface, spa-side remote switches, valve actuators for water flow control, additional indoor wired or wireless user interface control panels, and even telephone remote control.

  • Three types of Personality Kits are available
  • Shared Equipment Pool and spa combinations with shared filtration system – Pool owners can enjoy the convenience of motorized valves for water flow separation between pool and spa
  • Dual Equipment Pool and Spa Dual Sets of Equipment – The IntelliTouch i10+3D system provides advanced automation for a pool and spa using two separate sets of equipment
  • The IntelliTouch Personality Kit controls ten pump and/or lighting circuits and two heaters. The Personality Kit model to choose is the i10+3D (P/N 520510).
  • Single Equipment Pool Only or Spa Only Applications – The IntelliTouch i5S and i9+3S provide advanced automation for a single body of water. There are two Personality Kit models to choose from i5S (P/N 520506) and i9+3S (P/N 520508).
  • There are three Personality Kit models to choose from i5 (P/N 520505), i7+3 (P/N 520507), and i9+3 (P/N 520509).

Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
521219 Personality Kit I5+3 Filter + 4 Aux Intellitouch FREE $1,015.43 $676.95 $338.48
521220 Personality Kit I7+3 Filter + 6 Aux Intellitouch FREE $1,829.93 $1,219.95 $609.98
521221 Personality Kit I9+3 Intellitouch Filter + 8 Aux FREE $2,615.93 $1,743.95 $871.98





Home Swimming Pool Supplies Timer and Controllers Personality Kits


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