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Stratum Pool Controller System

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Stratum is a vacuum release system that monitors and measures pressure in suction lines in swimming pools and spas. It is designed to provide an additional layer of protection against body suction entrapment. Stratum VRS can be used in both residential and commercial pools and spas.

  • Turns off power to the pump and vents the suction line to atmosphere
  • Automatic restart after certain activations
  • Capable of monitoring suction lines for single speed or two speed pumps, with or without a booster pump, that share a common suction line
  • Complete internal system test during every start-up prior to the monitoring phase
  • During each start-up, Stratum VRS adjusts to current operational parameters of the system
  • Designed for use with single phase pumps up to 3HP. Larger or 3-phase pumps require additional motor control equipment, for use with VR1000
  • For use in suction lift or in flooded suction
  • Seven-day programmable timer
  • Complies with ASTM F23887-04 and ASME 112.19.17
  • Owner's Manual

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When it comes to pools and safety you can never be too careful. Understanding and knowing how to keep swimmers safe is a subject where we can never know, or do, too much. Hayward strives to be a responsible corporation concerning the growing need for energy efficient, environmentally friendly products. We work hard to continue to raise the bar to provide industry changing, innovative products that meet the demands of our customers and the growing concerns of the public.

Recent regulatory updates have called for addition methods to avoid suction outlet entrapment. According to the National Safe Kids organization more than two-thirds of parents (66 percent) are not at all or only somewhat familiar with the topic of suction entrapment and entanglement. According to the CPSC, there are five categories of potential suction entrapment hazards and there is no single product that protects against all five-entrapment hazards. The five hazards are:
-Hair entanglement
-Body suction entrapment
-Limb entrapment
-Mechanical entrapment

Stratum provides an additional layer of protection against body suction entrapment risks. It monitors and reacts to changes in suction pressure (vacuum). Stratum is the first and only system that simultaneously vents the suction line to atmosphere and turns off the power to the pump.

Stratum is effective in monitoring the suction pressure in single or multiple suction outlet (drain) systems, which share a common suction line. It features an automatic restart after certain activations and is programmed with an internal checking system that performs performance diagnostics during each start-up.


Home Swimming Pool Supplies Timer and Controllers Stratum


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