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TightWatt Digital Pool Timer

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TightWatt Digital Pool Timers were designed to save you money by running your swimming pool more efficiently. Your swimming pool pump uses more energy than any other device in your home, with the exception of your air conditioner. TightWatt digital pool timers are the only pool timers on the market that automatically adjust the run-time of your swimming pool pump year round to reduce your energy consumption and save you money!

  • Self-Adjusts your pool filter run-time year round
  • 9V Battery Back-Up Retains Settings During Power Outages
  • Double Insulated Terminals Prevent Shock
  • Snaps Into all Intermatic* Cases for Easy Installation
  • Universal Voltage - Works on 120V or 240V System
  • Runs 1 0r 2 Cycles per day
  • Flexible 1-touch manual run options
  • "Relay Open" mode for safety
  • 1KV surge Protection
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Owner's Manual

TightWatt Digital Pool Timers are the hottest new product on the pool market. Thousands of TightWatts are now in the field saving pool customers energy and money. Catch the wave of the future and invest in a TightWatt that will suit your pool needs. All TightWatt accessories are plug-and-play to reduce installation frustration. The X10 Remote control adds extra convenience to your pool, while our freeze control provides an extra level of protection for pool equipment.

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Home Swimming Pool Supplies Timer and Controllers TightWatt Digital


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