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Super Water Volley Pool Volleyball

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The Super Water Volley deluxe game system is the essential volleyball game for municipal pools, community centers, YMCA's, health clubs, luxury resorts, cruise ships and other commercial and residential locations that demand continuous action, non-stop performance and no-nonsense safety features.

  • Two, rugged, UV-resistant bases with two drink holders
  • Two, rugged, UV-resistant volley net support stems
  • Adjustable-length, heavy duty, all-weather nylon net
  • Two official size, waterproof, vinyl volleyballs
  • Durable, anti-rust stainless steel hardware
  • Easy to follow, illustrated quick-assembly instructions
  • One Year Warranty

Dual, high capacity, rugged plastic bases each hold up to 50 gallons of water (or sand!) to create stable platforms that virtually anchor to the deck. Neither ferocious spikes nor lunging blocks into the net can move these bases.

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A heavy duty, nylon net stretches tightly between the bases. To accommodate nearly any size pool, the net adjusts from 12' to 20'. And don't be concerned about leaving the game setup all summer - or all year! The all-season net is weatherproof and the dual, plastic bases are immune to rain, snow, extreme weather conditions and sunlight. Leave them outside year-round, or, empty the water and it's an easy move into the storage shed.

Net Supports:
Rotomolded, UV resistant polyethylene throughout.
10 pounds in weight each.
20” Wide x 36” High x 20” Deep.
Two drink holders molded into each net support.
Rotomolded, UV resistant polyethylene throughout.
Bases are 33" Wide x 21" High x 20" Deep in size.
Approximately 50 gallon (400 pound) water capacity or sand.
Each base is 23 pounds in weight (empty).

Heavy duty 20 foot long All Weather Nylon Volleyball Net.
Top cord extends 6 feet beyond net to accommodate pools
up to 30 ft wide.
Net adjustable to smaller sizes of 18’, 16’, 14’, and 12’ long.
TWO (2) rugged white vinyl volleyballs for water use.

Hardware: Stainless Steel.

Dry weight for each assembled net support: 34 pounds
Filled weight each: Approximately 400 pounds with water
33” Wide x 51” High x 25” Deep
Deck space required at pool edge: 3’ wide x 2’ deep
SHIPPING: UPS: (3 cartons per unit at 91 pounds total) Carton Size: 35-5/8”L x 25”W x 20”H (10 cu. ft.)


Home Pool Supplies Swimming Pool Games Super Water Volley


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