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Safety Vacuum Release System Intelliflo VS SVRS

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There’s simply no better way to add a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) to your public pool or spa than with the new IntelliFlo® VS+SVRS pump. It helps prevent suction entrapment and also provides value that no other solution can.

  • Replaces 3HP or smaller pumps
  • Meets ASME A112.19.17 standards for anti-body entrapment protection
  • Onboard intelligence senses blockage with auto shutdown
  • Exclusive breakthrough motor technology provides energy savings while being safety compliant
  • 8 settable, changeable speeds ranging from 1100 to 3450 RPMs
  • NSF certified and UL and ETL Listed
  • Variable speed pumps can save energy
  • Built in Freeze Protection

While other safety solutions represent an added cost, IntelliFlo is an investment that may potentially save thousands of dollars in energy costs over its long life.

Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
011017 Intelliflo VS+SVRS 8 Speed Variable Speed Pump w/Safety Vacuum Release System FREE $2,250.00 $1,500.00 $750.00


Reliable anti-body entrapment protection for your peace of mind

With its built-in controller, proprietary software, and backup safety features, IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump provides the protection your pool or spa requires with a virtually fail-safe, tamper-proof solution.

Safety Features

  • Meets ASME A112.19.17 standards, thus complying with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool Safety Act SVRS Requirements.
  • Includes a built-in controller with proprietary software that detects blockage and automatically shuts itself down within seconds
  • No SVRS calibration required: the blockage detection/shut down function is pre-programmed into the software. Once the IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump is installed, the SVRS function works without measurements, calculations and sensitivity settings required with other devices.
  • Unlike other devices, IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump’s SVRS protection cannot be disabled.
  • If for any reason IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump’s controller becomes inoperable, the pump will not run, providing an added layer of safety.
  • Safety lock-out feature (password protected) prevents settings from being changed by unauthorized personnel.

Two key technology innovations drive significant energy savings

IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump includes exclusive, breakthrough motor technology and controllable, variable-speed technology that combine to drive down energy use and cost. And the savings potential may be measured in thousands of dollars over its long life.
First, the IntelliFloVS+SVRS pump uses an exclusive permanent magnet motor, like those used in hybrid cars in place of a traditional induction motor. Permanent magnet motors are fundamentally more energy efficient.
Second, the IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump includes a variable speed capability, along with digital controls and proprietary software that allow custom programming of optimum pump speeds for specific tasks—filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, etc.
Traditional pumps’ one pre-set speed are almost always greater than that needed to meet the health department turnover requirements.
With a variable speed pump, the optimum speed will almost always be lower than the pre-set, unchangeable speeds of older pumps. IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump’s eight settable, changeable speeds (ranging from 1100 to 3450 RPMs) mean you can program the exact flow requirements for each task, assuring the lowest energy use possible…adding to your savings. Plus with IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump, you may be able to further reduce energy costs by reducing flow rates during non-pool use hours while maintaining 24 hour-a-day filtration…at a much lower cost. Check with your local health department for requirements in your area.

Here's just one comparative example:
Pump Annual Kilowatts Use @ 24 hr/day Run Time Annual Electric Cost @ .15 Kwh Savings Difference*
2 HP 19,272 $2,891  
IntelliFlo VS+VRS 9,654 $1,448 $1,443 or 50%

*Actual savings can vary. Example reflects saving for an average 30,000 gallon commercial pool operating 24 hours per day at flow rate sufficient to perform a minimum 6 hour turnover


Home Swimming Pool Supplies Safety Vacuum Release Systems Intelliflo VS+SVRS


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Intelliflo VS+SVRS - Safety Vacuum Release System