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Deep Bed Vertical Filter

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The ASTRALPOOL Deep Bed Vertical Filter has the same construction as the standard vertical filter, but with an additional 12 inch of media depth for superior water quality. These filters have a standard working pressure of 50 psi and a test pressure of 75 psi. All of our filters include a dual pressure gauge panel, winterization drain valve & an automatic air release valve. All of the ASTRALPOOL Vertical Filters include our patented 360° lateral design and internal plumbing is constructed of 235 psi rated PVC piping. Sand removal is made easy with our large media drain and a faster start-up can be achieved with our 16” manhole cover. Filters are backed with an 15-year limited warranty on the tank shell, 3-year warranty for internal PVC components and a lifetime warranty on laterals. Please contact us for sizing and application assistance.

  • 100% Corrosion Resistant
  • 48" of Media Bed Depth
  • Automatic Air Release
  • Water Drain for Winterization
  • 50 psi Working Pressure
  • 75 psi Test Pressure
  • NSF Listed
  • 16" Manhole
  • 42" - 93" Diameter
  • 9 - 46 Square Feet of Surface Area
  • Large Media Drain
  • 15-Year Limited Warranty

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Specification & Technical Drawings

07716 93" 8" 07721 93" 6" 07732 63" 4" 07733 71" 6" 07734 79" 6"
07780 47" 3" 07781 55" 4" 07782 42" 3" 07783 47" 4" 07784 63" 6"

Deep Bed Vertical Commercial Sand Filters:

Deep Bed Vertical Commercial Sand Filters are constructed in Jacksonville, Florida. Filters hold an NSF listing for working pressures of 50psi and test pressures of 75psi. Filters includes: manual air purge valve, water drain valve and large sand drain.
Man-way isa diameter of 16". Filters are constructed in six reinforced layers of laminated and filament fiber glass winding. Filters offer a 4' bed depth, providing optimal polishing over horizontal filters and standard vertical filters. Standard and custom manifold systems available but sold seprately. Semi and Fully Automated systems available. Sand and gravel required and sold Seprately.

Deep Bed Vertical Commercial Sand Filters

Vertical & Horizontal High Rate fiberglass filament wound sand filters

Filter Specifications:

15 year Warranty

50 PSI rating

75 PSI Test

NSF 50 Listed

SCH. 80 PVC Internals

9 to 75 Ft 2 Filtration Area

360° ABS 1 ½” Lateral Design

TP 304 SS Hardware in wetted areas

Automatic Air relief

3/4” water drain with screen

4” Media Drain

4:1 Safety Factor

16” manhole for easy access

Non Corrosive Structure


Filter Construction:

  1. Get goal interior barrier. Constructed of an Isothalic & NPG polyester based gel coat for superior corrosion resistance. Provides superior hardness for protection against abrasion from sand or salt water.
  1. Fiber reinforced laminate layer. This layer is constructed of chopped continuous strand fiberglass and an isothalic polyester resin. This laminate provides strength to the gel coat layer and is impervious to water.
  1. Woven fiberglass reinforcement. This layer consists of 18 ounce woven fiberglass, chopped fiberglass, and polyester resin for additional strength.
  1. Fiber reinforced laminated layer this layer is the same as layer 2. This layer covers the additional reinforcements provided in layer 3.
  1. Radial filament winding. This layer consists of continuous strands of fiberglass that are impregnated with the blend of an isothalic polyester resin, Color pigments, and UV stabilizers to provide superior strength in a radial direction along the length of the cylinder of the vessel.
  1. Polar Filament winding. This layer consists of the same construction as layer 5, but applied in a polar (end to end) direction.
  1. Radial filament winding. This layer is identical to layer 5. The filament winding process provides unsurpassed strength and resistance to high pressure within the filter.

Filter Components:Influent and Effluent Pressure Gauge Panel. All Astral filters include a 2 gauge pressure readout panel that constantly displays the influent and effluent pressures of the filter. The pressure gauges are “Flutter guard 2 ½” Stainless steel that has a 0-100 psi display.


1 ½” - 360° Patented ABS Laterals
The patented astral laterals are constructed of a noncorrosive, chemical resistant ABS. The laterals are engineered to remove water from under the lateral system to help prevent unwanted bacteria growth. The hydraulically balanced design also allows for even water flow through the media bed during filtration and backwashing. The Astral Laterals are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Diffuser Heads
The Astral diffuser heads are constructed of injected molded PVC. The diffusers are engineered to be non-clogging and to provide an even water flow over the entire surface of the media bed to ensure optimum water quality.

Internal Plumbing
The internal plumbing in all Astral Commercial filters are constructed of schedule 80 PVC. All hardware in wetted applications is constructed TP 304 stainless steel.

Raw Material
Only the highest quality polyester resins, fiberglass, gel coats, and plastics are used to construct astral filters.



Home Commercial Pool Supplies Commercial Pool Filters Deep Bed Vertical Filters


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