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Mega Therm Commercial Pool Heaters

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Powerful, efficient, and reliable, MegaTherm pool heaters are designed for commercial, institutional and large residentail pools where economical performance and rapid heat-up are required. Available in inddor and outdoor models, with twenty-two sized from 500,000 to 5,000,000 BTU/h to precisely match any heating requirement.

  • Reliable operation on natural or propane gas.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Built-in draft diverter (indoor models) simplifies installations.
  • Flow switch standard on all models.
  • integral pump assures proper water flow.
  • Automatic gas valve.
  • Stainless steel burners, with slide-out burner tray for easy maintenance and long life.
  • Galvanized steel jacket with acrylic finish for strength and durability.
  • High temperature refractory firebox liner to 2000 degrees for greater efficiency.
  • Easy-to-service header flanges.
  • Corrosion-resistant glass-lined or bronze headers.
  • Integral lined copper tube heat exchanger for higher efficiency.
  • Electronic temperature control for accuracy.
  • One Year Warranty

Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
MT0715IP06C1PN Meg-A-Therm heater 715M BTU Propane Heater FREE $11,137.43 $7,424.95 $3,712.48

Mega Therm is designed to deliver efficiencies as high as 82%. Integral finned copper tubes are rolled directly into the headers, and conformal heat exchanger baffles and an eight-fins-per-inch tubing configuration maximize combustion heat extraction. We've also designed MegaTherm to be simple to service. Heat exchanger header covers are field-removable for complete inspection of tubing and header passages, and the heat exchanger is replaceable without disassembly of the burners or combustion chamber.

MegaTherm is design certified to the ANSI Z21.56 Standard for Gas-Fired Pool Heaters. (Outdoor 500-1825 units are certified for use without the addition of a draft diverter or external vent. Indoor units incorporate a built-in draft diverter and require only vent piping.) Salt water models (500-1825) are available with cupronickel alloy heat exchanger tubes and bronze headers and header covers 



Home Commercial Pool Supplies Commercial Pool Heaters Mega Therm


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