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Auror 340 and 410 Series Commercial Pump

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Pentair now offers the new Aurora 340 Series End Suction and the 410 Series Split Case Pumps for commercial pools, spas, and other water applications. The 340 and 410 Series are available in horizontal and vertical configurations in horsepower's to 150 and flows to 8,000 GPM.

  • Multiple configurations available
  • Models to 100' TDH
  • Cast Iron Bronze Fitted Models
  • Flooded Suction applications
  • Highly reliable performance
  • NSF approved models available
  • Various flow capabilities for all applications
  • Epoxy Coating option available
  • ODP and TEFC motors in standard and premium efficiency available

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341A Aurora Series Commerical Pool Pump FREE CALL FOR PRICE


Aurora™ 340 Series

•Flexible-Close Coupled Pumps

• The contractor shall furnish (and install as shown on the plans)
Aurora™ Model (341A horizontal close coupled) (342A vertical close
coupled) (344A horizontal fl exible coupled) back pull-out centrifugal
pumps size ___ x ___ x ___ of bronze fi tted construction.

• Each pump shall have a capacity of ___ GPM at ___ ft. total head,
with a temperature of ___ ° F, ___ specifi c gravity. Each pump is
to be furnished with a mechanical seal with all metal parts to be
303 stainless steel with “Buna-N” elastomers, Ni-Resist seat, and
carbon washer. The unit must be equipped with (bronze) (stainless
steel) keylocked shaft sleeve that extends the length of the seal
box. The pump shaft extension shall be “O” ring sealed from the
pumped liquid. Pump shall have a case wearing ring (impeller
wearing rings). Impellers to be vacuum cast, dynamically balanced,
and keylocked to the shaft.

Flexible Coupled-Frame Mounted (344A)

• Pump and motor are to be mounted on a common (fabricated steel
drip rim) (steel) baseplate. The shaft is to be steel, installed in a
cast iron power frame. Pumps shall have a shaft design for .002"
defl ection at the seal face with the pump running under maximum
load condition. (Grease) (oil) (permanently lubricated) ball bearings,
having a 3 year minimum life (AFBMA B10) under the maximum
condition of load. Bearings to be protected by separate oil seals
and slingers. The pump shall be fl exible coupled to a standard
horizontal NEMA ___ HP ___ phase ___ Hz ___ volts ___ RPM
(open drip proof) (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor. Alignment
shall be checked in accordance with the standards of the Hydraulic
Institute after installation and there shall be no strain transmitted
to the pumps.

Close Coupled (341A) (342A)

• Each pump is to be close coupled to a standard HI-NEMA-JM
(340A Series) JP ___ HP ___ phase ___ Hz ___ volt ___ RPM
(drip-proof) (totally enclosed) motor. Model 341A in motor frame
sizes up to 184JM shall be supported by a separate support foot
342A Series on the close coupled pump bracket.

Home Pool Supplies Pool Pumps Aurora


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Aurora 340 and 410 Series - Commercial Swimming Pool Pump