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C-CC Series Commercial Pump

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For Semi-commercial and commercial swimming pool and spa recirculation. Available is high head and medium head models, providing a complete range of performance characteristic. Available in 3 - 5 HP models with 2-1/2" NPT suctiona nd 2" NPT discharge ports. ( Non self-primer, requires flooded suction installation.) Motors are open drip-proof, continuous duty rated 3450 RPM.

  • Dimensions and Max Load Amps may vary per motor manufacturer
  • NOTE: Pumps are NSF listed only when installed with hair and lint trap. PUMPS (and performance curves) DO NOT INCLUDE HAIR AND LINT STRAINER.
  • NOTE: ALL PUMP MODELS require external overload protection. 3-phase models, and 5 HP single phase, require a magnetic starter.
  • NOTE: Maximum ambient temperature: 104 F (40 C).
  • NOTE: 200 and 575 volt models available.

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CHH-137 C/Cc Series Commerical Pool Pump FREE CALL FOR PRICE

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C/CC Series Pumps
C/CC Series Pumps Curves

C/CC Series Pump
• Recirculating pump shall be Sta-Rite Model No. _______ Centrifugal
Pump ________ phase, 60 Hz.

General Notes:

• Install pump in a cool, dry, well vented location away from pool
heaters, and chemical storage.

• Pump should be firmly mounted with pipe supported, to prevent
vibration and undue operational noise.

• Allow 12" minimum clearance behind motor for servicing.

• Motor overheating may be caused by a voltage drop or excessive
voltage. Be sure that wire size and voltage input is properly regulated.


• The recirculating pump shall be a flooded suction centrifugal
type pump, equipped with a hair and lint strainer installed as
shown in the plans.

• The pump body seal plate and attached hair and lint strainer shall be
cast of ____________ (red brass or gray iron) and close coupled to
the electric motor by means of an adapter of the same material. The
pump body shall have a single suction port of 21⁄2" NPT, a centerline
discharge port of 2" NPT, and a drain port of 1⁄4" NPT for winterizing.
The pump shall be a back pull-out design to allow servicing without
disturbing piping. Impeller wear ring shall be of bronze material
and be replaceable.

• The impeller shall be cast of silicon brass material and be of the
closed design, non-overloading at any point on the performance curve.
The self-flushing mechanical shaft seal shall be of the John Crane®
Type 2 or equivalent and constructed of ceramic and carbon in the
seal faces, and stainless steel, brass, and Buna N in the spring
bellows portion. The impeller shall be secured to the motor shaft
by means of a stainless steel key and a locking screw into the end
of the motor shaft.

• All fasteners in the pump shall be stainless steel. There shall be
a shaft slinger made of Neoprene to protect the motor bearings
from any seal leakage.

• The pump shall be capable of operating at a 75 psi pressure,
125°F continuous liquid temperature, and within a pH range of 4-10.

• The electric motor coupled to the pump shall be of the NEMA® Series
JM construction with carbon steel shaft inside a sealed removable
shaft sleeve of 300 Series stainless steel. The motor shall be of an
open, drip-proof design (unless otherwise specified) with permanently
sealed ball bearings. Single-phase motors shall have built-in thermal
overload protection of the automatic reset type. Motors shall be
continuous duty rated at 40°C, or better, and be suitable for outdoor
installation. The pump assembly shall have a stable mounting base
capable of being anchored to the mounting surface.

• The pump motor shall be a ______ HP, _____ phase, 60 Hz, 3450
RPM for service on _____ volt electrical supply. The pump and motor
shall be non-overloading at any point on the performance curve. The
pump shall be rated for ________ GPM at ________ TDH.

Home Pool Supplies Pool Pumps C-CC Series


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C-CC Series - Commercial Swimming Pool Pump