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CF Series Commercial Pump

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For residential and commercial swimming pool and spa circulation. All bronze, self-priming, centrifugal-type pump with a 5" or 6" hair and lint strainer integral with pump. Available in 3/4 - 3 HP models. Non-clogging semi-open impeller coupled to the motor by means of an adjustable stub shaft.

  • All bronze construction provides exceptional performance under heavy duty swimming pool. applications – proven durability for many years of service.
  • Precision-molded ABS strainer baskets feature lockin design for secure fit and are easily cleanable.
  • Available with 5" or 6" hair and lint strainers integral with pump.
  • Bronze semi-open, non-clogging impeller is precision balanced for smooth operation and long seal life.
  • Designed for easy serviceability – motor, impeller and seal can be removed without disturbing piping.
  • Motor components are protected and easily accessible under “control room” end canopy.

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CF6EF-81L Cf Series Commercial Pool Pump - Bronze Pump FREE CALL FOR PRICE

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• Recirculating pump shall be Sta-Rite Model No. _______.
Bronze Pump Series, single phase 60 Hz.

General Notes:

• Install pump in a cool, dry, well vented location away from pool
heaters, and chemical storage.

• Pump should be firmly mounted with pipe supported, to prevent
vibration and undue operational noise.

• Allow 12" minimum clearance behind motor for servicing.

• Motor overheating may be caused by a voltage drop or excessive
voltage. Be sure that wire size and voltage input is properly regulated.


• The recirculating pump shall be a self-priming, single suction,
centrifugal type pump with integral hair and lint strainer installed as
shown in the plans.

• The pump body and hair and lint strainer shall be cast of red brass
material. The strainer body shall have a red brass lid and attached to
the strainer body by means of the two threaded lock handles and
sealed by means of an O-ring. The strainer basket shall be a lock-in
design positioned completely below the inlet port of the strainer body.
The basket shall be molded of high impact ABS material and shall be
easily cleanable. The strainer assembly shall be capable of holding
30 psi water pressure during any hydrostatic testing of the piping installation.
The trap shall have a removable drain plug, for winterizing.

• The pump body and intermediate motor adapter bracket shall be
joined by means of four stainless steel capscrews and sealed with
a fiber gasket. The pump shall be designed to allow removal of the
motor and all moving parts of the pump without disturbing the piping.
The body shall have a winterizing drain plug. The pump impeller
shall be of a semi-open design, balanced, non-overloading, and cast
of red brass material. The impeller shall have a threaded hub keyed
for attachment to the bronze stub shaft. The stub shaft shall attach
to the keyed motor shaft by means of three set screws which allow
adjustment for proper impeller rotating clearance.

• The pump motor shall attach to the intermediate adapter of the pump
with stainless steel capscrews. The motor stub shaft shall be sealed
in the pump body by means of a mechanical cup-type seal whose
stationary element shall be of stainless steel, carbon and neoprene
and whose rotating elements shall be of ceramic. The seal shall be a
highly polished and drip-proof design. The motor shall be of the open
drip-proof type, NEMA® Series “C” flange design with a stainless
steel shaft extension. The motor shall have all serviceable controls
and components under a removable canopy at the rear of the motor
for protection against weather and dirt. The motor shall have sealed
ball bearings at both shaft and control end. The motor shall have
a 50° C ambient or higher rating. Single-phase motors shall have
an internal thermal overload protector of the automatic reset type.
The motor shall be of the continuous duty type, suitable for outdoor
installation. An external bonding lug shall be provided.

• The pump mounting base shall have bolt lugs to anchor the pump to
the mounting surface.

• The motor shall be a ______ HP, _____ phase, 60 Hz, 3450 RPM
for service on _____ volt electrical supply. The pump and motor shall
be non-overloading at any point on the performance curve. The pump
shall be rated for ________ GPM at ________ TDH. The pump and
motor combination shall carry listing by Underwriter‘s Laboratories
(UL). The pump shall be tested and certified by a nationally recognized
testing laboratory to conform to National Sanitation Foundation
Standard 50.
1/06 Part #P1-743 ©2006 Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc. All rights reserved.

Home Pool Supplies Pool Pumps CF Series


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CF Series - Commercial Swimming Pool Pump