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CSP/CCSP Series Commercial Pump

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Especially designed for commercial and public swimming pools and spas, aquatic facilities, water parks and fountain applications where high performance and self-priming are required. Pump has enclosed bronze impeller and standard 6" x 4" A.N.S.I. flange connections (D.I.N. option available for 50Hz models). The pump strainer (order separately) has capacity of 1,100 cubic inches. Both pump and strainer can be ordered with optional epoxy coated castings to provide additional performance and corrosion resistance.

  • OPTIONS: Cast iron construction, enclosed bronze impeller and bronze wear rings for long lasting reliability.
  • NOTE: Exceptional self priming design with hair and lint strainer installed – allows pumps to be installed above or below water level.
  • Oversized hair and lint strainer* with electro-polished stainless steel basket holds a large quantity of debris.
  • Available in a wide range of performance levels from 71/2 to 20 HP to handle your varied pumping needs.
  • Nationally recognized NEMA® motors offer high performance under continuous operation.
  • Back pull-out design enables servicing of normal wearing parts without disconnecting piping.
  • Dimensionally compatible to most installations for easier initial hook-ups or retrofits.
  • Integral design base is slotted for ease of mounting.

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CSP-series Ordering
CSP-Series Dimensions
CSP- Series


CSP-series Curve



CSP/CCSP Series Pump

• Recirculating pump shall be Sta-Rite Model No. _________
self-priming centrifugal pump, ____ phase, 60 Hz.

General Notes"

• Install pump in a cool, dry, well vented location away from pool
heaters, and chemical storage.

• Pump should be firmly mounted with pipe supported, to prevent
vibration and undue operational noise.

• Allow 12" minimum clearance behind motor for servicing.
• Motor overheating may be caused by a voltage drop or excessive
voltage. Be sure that wire size and voltage input is properly


• The recirculating pump shall be a self-priming, centrifugal design
with a hair and lint strainer as shown in the plans.

• The pump body, seal plate, and attached hair and lint strainer shall
be constructed of close-grained gray iron with fusion-bonded epoxy
coating of Scotchkote® 134 on all wetted cast iron surfaces and
close-coupled to an electric motor by means of an adaptor of the
same material. The pump body shall have a single suction port with
a 6” ANSI® 125 bolt flange to the hair and lint strainer. A centerline
discharge port of 4” ANSI® 125 bolt flange and a winterizing drain
port of 1⁄4” NPT shall be a part of the design.

• The pump shall be a back pull-out design to allow servicing without
disturbing piping. The pump shall have a cast iron diffuser to
aid in priming and it shall contain a replaceable bronze wear ring
for the impeller. The impeller shall be of the closed type and cast
in red brass, non-overloading at any point on the performance
curve. The mechanical shaft seal shall be a John Crane® type 21
or equivalent and constructed of ceramic and carbon seal faces,
with stainless steel, brass and Buna N materials in the spring
bellows portion. The impeller shall be secured to the motor shaft
by means of a stainless steel key and locking screw into the end
of the motor shaft. There shall be a shaft slinger made of
neoprene to protect motor bearings from any seal leakage.
The pump shall be capable of operating at up to 75 psi, 125°F
continuous water temperature and within a pH range of 6 to 9.

• The electric motor coupled to the pump shall be of the NEMA®
series JM construction with carbon steel shaft inside a removable
shaft sleeve of 300 series stainless steel. The motor shall
be of an open drip-proof design (unless otherwise specified) with
permanently sealed ball bearings. Motors shall be continuous
duty rated at 40°C (or better) ambient and be suitable for outdoor

• The pump motor shall be a ___ HP, ___ phase, 60 Hz, 3450 RPM
for service on a ___ volt electric supply. The pump shall be
rated for ______ GPM at ____ TDH. The pump shall be tested
and certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory to
conform to National Sanitation Foundation Standard 50. (CCSP
models only.)
Hair and Lint Strainer

• The pump strainer shall consist of a ______ (red brass/cast iron)
body, cover with O-ring seal, threaded locking handles, and a
strainer basket of perforated electro-polished stainless steel
basket material.

• The strainer body shall be 6" ANSI® 125 bolt flanged with fusionbonded
epoxy coating of Scotchkote® on all wetted cast iron
surfaces unless specified for in-line mounting ahead of the pump.
The strainer body shall have a removable drain plug for winterizing.

• The strainer basket shall be securely positioned below the
suction inlet of the trap, with access for inspection and cleaning
through a removable trap body lid. The trap body lid shall be
secured by means of threaded locking handles. The strainer
basket shall have perforations which in total area is equal to
6 times the open area of the suction pipe into the trap body inlet.

• The pump strainer shall be Sta-Rite Model No. _______

Home Pool Supplies Pool Pumps CSP/CCSP Series


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CSP/CCSP Series - Commercial Swimming Pool Pump