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Antimicrobial Filter Media Helps Keep Pools & Spas Clean, Clear & Safer!

Harmsco® SureSafe™ Cartridges utilize Silver Zeolite technology. Since ancient times, silver has been used to purify water and inhibit bacteria. Combining inert organic materials with silver into our filter media, enables our cartridges to help eliminate odor-causing bacteria and inhibit growth of destructive mold and mildew.

Harmsco® SureSafe™ Antimicrobial media is interwoven with the latest in Silver Zeolite technology. Unlike competitive “treated media” products, Harmsco SureSafeTM cartridges will continue to provide safety and protection for your customers while
outlasting the competition.

Harmsco® SureSafe™ silver Zeolite technology has been effective against more than 650 strains of bacteria, fungi and molds in a laboratory environments. It has completed FDA testing and is registered with the EPA.

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Harmsco Filtration Products Provide the safest solutions to Liquid Filration Challenges.

  • Harmsco® SureSafe™ antimicrobial cartridges with unique teal color media impregnated with Silver Zeolite.
  • Harmsco® SureSafe™ cartridges inhibit harmful growth of bacteria, fungi and molds by using Siver Zeolite technology.
  • Harmsco® cartridges are cleanable and reusable in almost all applications.
  • SureSafe™ closure for performance & safety.
  • Patented up-flow filtration design eliminates air entrapment
  • 316 Stainless Steel housing: corrosion resistant & durable.
  • Why Choose Harmsco?
  • Oragnism that are inhibited by anti-microbial compounds used in Harmsco® SureSafe™ Cartridges
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