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Pro Pool Lift

Accessibility Equipment

The Pro Pool Lift™ is the first ever aquatic lift to be verified by an independent third party to be ADA compliant and safe for commercial use. The Pro Pool™ Lift is a specialty pool product used to provide handicap access in aquatic therapy and residential/commercial water recreation.
In addition to the low-profile design, the Pro Pool™ Lift does not intrude into the pool when NOT in use. If you are looking to keep your deck clear and anchor free, then incorporating our Portable Kit will allow you to place the Pro Pool™ Lift almost anywhere on the deck! The unique design of this lift minimizes the amount of required deck space needed to install and it also does not require the lift to rotate or extend into the water unless being used.
The lift features all stainless steel construction with a protective white epoxy powder coat finish. Ideal for facilities with limited deck space and where aesthetics are of the utmost importance.
Several versions available. Access deeper pools with our deep draft configuration. Reverse configuration and Extended Base Options available for pools with larger gutters. Try our new quick attach anchor kit and transport cart to make removing and storing your lift easy.
Ships truck freight fully assembled and ready for installation. Actual weight 115 lbs, shipping weight approx. 200 lbs.

Pro Pool Lift

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  • 450 lbs Weight Capacity*
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Durable White Epoxy Powder Coating
  • Dual flip-up arms
  • Adjustable lap belt
  • Removable and adjustable foot rest
  • Set back ranges from 4" - 14" (10 - 35.5 cm)
  • 24-volt rechargeable battery operation including charger
  • Limited lifetime structural warranty
  • Five year pro-rated electronics warranty
  • Deck and Gutter Measurement Guide
  • Specification
  • Manual

*450 lb weight capacity for pools with water drafts up to 6" only. 400 lb capacity for other applications.

Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
F-004PLB Pro Pool Lift Battery Powered w/ anchor FREE $6,375.00 $4,250.00 $2,125.00
F-004PLBNA Pro Pool Lift Battery Powered no anchor FREE $5,992.50 $3,995.00 $1,997.50
OPTIONAL ITEMS : Additional Accessories that can accompany the above products.
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
F-046QAB Quick Attach Opt Anchor Kit (no retrofit) FREE $478.50 $319.00 $159.50
F-004PLBAP Accesosry Upgrade Pack for Ranger/Pro Pool Lift w/ New Cover FREE $989.99 $659.99 $330.00
ADA Compliant ADA Compliant ADA Compliant

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