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Solar lights are not for every lighting application. Malibu Solar Lights produce a glow that is ideal for outlining locations and darkened areas such as steps, walks, etc. Solar Lights are perfect for those applications where a regular power source is unavailable, where some sort of accent light is desired and where the area has exposure to the full daylight sun. Malibu Solar Lights can be installed just about anywhere; as long as there is enough sunlight available to recharge the batteries. The specially designed solar panel collects natural sunlight and converts it into electrical power that is stored in highly efficient, rechargeable batteries. Be sure all Solar collector panels are installed in a sunny location where they will receive adequate, unobstruced sunlight each day. Solar Light performance will be diminished during cloudy, rainy, or wintery weather conditions. With fully charged batteries, Solar Lights will provide many hours of nighttime illumination.

Color Changing Walk Light LZ309CC

This festive solar fixture is ideal for accenting paths, walkways, or flowerbeds. This walk light features offers six color changing modes including blend, flash, solid color, strobe, holiday, and patriotic. These can be selected by simply pressing a button on the underside of the solar cap.

Product Features
Stamped metal construction
Pewter finish
Mutliple LEDs with six color changing modes
Limited 2 year warranty


This may be Out of Stock or Discontinued. For more information please call us Toll Free at 1.877.891.7665


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