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Discover Steam-A quiet, tranquil retreat from the stress of daily living

Our attention to wood quality gives Amerec saunas a more refined look and ensures years of enjoyment. In addition to Select Nordic Whitewoods and Western Red Cedar, Amerec manufactures saunas made of other specially selected woods. Each sauna is carefully tested and inspected at the factory to ensure superior quality. Our products are UL listed for safety and dependable performance.

"Steambaths require no additional floor space. A new or existing shower space can be upgraded for steam by adding a vapor proof door, and lining the walls and ceiling with a waterproof material such as ceramic tile, stone or glass."

A steambath refreshes — deep cleans and moisturizes the skin for a healthy glow. It relaxes tight, overworkedmuscles, reduces aches and pains in joints and relieves congestion. It rejuvenates the body, and revitalizes the mind. It conserves water too — an average steambath consumes less than one gallon. A personal steambath is an affordable luxury that will improve the quality of your life in ways you can only imagine.

In today's hectic world, aren't we all looking for a private retreat — a place to become refreshed physically and mentally? With an Amerec steambath, your master bath suite becomes your own privateEuropean spa. Pamper yourself with an early morning pre-shower steambath, or an end of day stress reducing steambath. Wrapped in luxurious steam, your mind and body are at ease.

Amerec steambath generators are designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. Standard feature include "whisper quiet" operation, and "cool touch" steam heads. Also standard is Amerec "Soft Steam", perhaps the greatest steambath innovation ever — where the generator cuts back power to continue steaming, rather than shutting off when reaching set temperature.

Whether using Amerec's 120-volt plug-in steam generator, or its most popular AK unit, the small physical size of Amerec generators provides for more efficient installation. Stainless steel tank construction provides years of trouble-free operation, while standard manual drains or optional automatic drain systems offer longer generator life. The heating elements are removable for easy and economical service.

It's easy to convert a conventional shower into a personal steam bath. The compact generator may be conveniently installed in a nearby cabinet, closet, or other unused space up to 20 feet away from the steamroom enclosure. Plumbing and electrical connections are similar to those of a common residential water heater.

So relax. Enjoy the cleansing, therapeutic heat and humidity of an Amerec steambath or sauna. "Amerec is your premier sauna and steam bath company, leading the industry through design and innovation”. Our family of steambath and sauna products combines age-old traditions with modern design and technology.

Amerec — the healthy escape.

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