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Our original Aromatherapy Spa & Bath Crystals have been designed not only for the fragrance, but for creating mood, emotion & state of mind. Whether it's elegance or romance, self-confidence or peace of mind, the emotional benefits of fragrance are what people desire. We give you the natural remedy for aches & pains, while creating an ambiance of color, nutrients for overworked muscles, & muscle relaxers for tension & stress.

Spa and Bath Crystals

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This was our vision, this was our creation. An aromatherapy spa & bath crystal designed for bringing the spa experience home. Make your spa experience one to remember.

  • Travel the secret regions of your soul.
  • With 10 delicious fragrances you will never go in your spa again without them.


Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
SZCAE Apple Essence Crystals 17 Oz. FREE $22.43 $14.95 $7.48
SZCEU Eucalyptus Crystals 17 Oz. FREE $22.43 $14.95 $7.48
SZCFV French Vanilla Crystals 17 Oz. FREE $22.43 $14.95 $7.48
SZCHM Honey Mango Crystals 17 Oz. FREE $26.93 $17.95 $8.98
SZCPC Pina Colada Crystals 17 Oz. FREE $26.93 $17.95 $8.98
SZCTR Tropical Rain Crystals 17 Oz. FREE $26.93 $17.95 $8.98



Home Spa & Hot Tubs Spa Accessories Spa & Bath Crystals


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