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Cover Keeper Spa Cover LifterIntroducing .a new concept in Spa and Hot Tub Cover Management. Cover Keeper was created to easily open, store and close hot tub covers from one convenient location, with minimal effort. Cover Keeper can also be used in locations and on spas where other cover lifting products simply won't work.



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Features Include:

* Easy Open and Close

* Provides Additional Privacy  

* Stores cover when tub is in use

* Safety straps secure cover in place

* Convenient strap to pull cover closed 

- Mounting Instructions and hardware included
- Made in the USA
- Features & Benefits
- Installation
It's time to sit in the hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi and relax. But you like the jets in the corner of your hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi and your spouse likes the lounger. You know what happens next - you have to determine which side of the hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi will be uncovered and which side the hot tub cover or spa cover will rest on. You bought a whole hot tub or spa but you only use half of the hot tub or spa. The problem is finding a place to put the hot tub cover or spa cover so that your hot tub cover or spa cover doesn't pick up the grass clippings from the lawn you just finished mowing.

This may be Out of Stock or Discontinued. For more information please call us Toll Free at 1.877.891.7665


spa covers, hot tub covers, spa cover

The Cover Keeper™ provides a simple solution to your storage problem. Simply fold the cover in half and then flip it out of the way onto the storage brackets. A buckle strap keeps it securely in place and the top itself now adds extra privacy while you relax.

We've even added a pull strap that makes closing the cover easier than ever before. Finally, a convenient place to store your cover as well as added privacy and ease of use. What could be simpler. What could be better.

Cover Keeper™ is offered in different styles to accomodate most all shapes of cover lifters.

flush mounted cover lifts round cover lifts octagon cover lifts gazebo cover lifts

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