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Azure Hot Tub and Spa

Azure FreeFlow Spa - Hot Tubs & Spas

Freeflow Hot Tubs and Spas offer the best combination of features and price of any hot tub brand on the market today. Utilizing an advanced manufacturing method that emphasizes efficiency while incorporating many of the same features found in the most expensive spa brands such as ozone, waterfalls, lighting effects and more, makes Freeflow the perfect choice for your Hot Tub and Spa needs.

The Azure Spa uses deep ergonomic chair seating with foot-jets for two and a usable handrail that doubles as a waterfall.

Azure Hot Tub Spa

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  • 4 Seating Positions
  • Lounger
  • 80 inch Length x 62 inch Width x 32 inch Height
  • 270 Gallon Water Capacity
  • 270 Gallon Water Capacity
  • 335 lbs. Dry Weight
  • 12v Light w/Mood Lens
  • Multi-Function LED
  • Convertible 110/220v
  • 17 Stainless Steel Jets
  • 1.5 hp, 2 Speed Pump
  • 1kw/4kw Heater
  • Bottom Drain
  • 50 sq. ft. Filter
  • Full Foam Insulation
  • Safety Cover / Locking Clips
  • RokSolid Shell
  • Waterfall Feature

This may be Out of Stock or Discontinued. For more information please call us Toll Free at 1.877.891.7665

Only Freeflow has ECOFLOW technology, the highly efficient energy management system built into every Freeflow hot tub. Freeflow hot tubs require less energy and deliver better performance than any other hot tubs in their class.

Easy to use and to set up: Simply Place your Freeflow spa on nearly any flat surface with little preparation. Use a standard hose attached to any domestic water supply. The GFCI protected cord plugs into a standard outlet and let the soothing therapeutic action take you away.

Compare Free Flow hot tubs to any major brand on the market, and you will find that not only do our spas offer equal or better accessories and comfort, but we manufacture the most sturdy shells in the business. Free Flow has the same standard parts and features as any name brand hot tub - such as Topside Controls, Interchangeable Jets, Top-loading filters, and our highly indestructible RockSolid Shell.

Topside electronic controls: Topside electronic controls provide a convenient way to command temperature lighting and water flow pressure.

Interchangeable Jets: Each Spa has jets that are designed for 100% hydrotherapy, including the all important neck and shoulders area.

Top-loading Filters: Top-loading filters are readily accessible for quick cleaning. Enjoy a safe, healthy spa environment without the hassles.

RokSolid Shell: Freeflow's RokSolid advanced Polymer shell provides a surface that is easy to keep clean. Simply wipe it down as needed.

Azure Hot Tub and Spa  Azure Hot Tub and Spa

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Hot Tub Whirlpool Jets Hot Tub Whirlpool Jets
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